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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Veronika London - Maxim's Canadian Hometown Hottie

London is no stranger to Maxim; she was recently featured on the magazine being named the "Megan Fox of Hollywood North" while promoting the upcoming TV- series (SHOWTIME'S) "Body Language" which airs this fall. Currently, our product model has finished shooting two features "Jane Doe" and "Black Eve," which are set to premier at the end of this year. Upcoming featured projects for the young beauty include playing a junkie in "Growing Paranoia" and a hottie that kicks ass in "Burning Amber".

Below, find the down-lo on London's newest project, "Growing Paranoia."


Hired by a biker gang to live inside a residential house being used for a marijuana growing operation, Steve Dillinger and his girlfriend Lacy think they have the perfect job. But the seclusion and paranoia due to the illegal nature of it, causes stress and tension to build, especially when they discover they are not the only ones residing in the house.

Steve Dillenger is a small time drug dealer going nowhere in life, until opportunity knocks and a biker gangs has him move into a house with his girlfriend, Lacy. The basement of the house is set up as a marijuana growing operation for the biker gang and as to not attract unwanted attention from neighbors or the police, the bikers need Steve and Lacy to play “house” and keep any suspicions at bay. It’s a dream job with more money then either of them have ever seen.

But as time passes and cabin fever sets in, their job takes its toll on the couple. Paranoia sinks in and Lacy begins seeing things, convinced the house is haunted and the Spirits are not happy with them being in their home. Believing that the bikers will not let them just walk away, Steve, who has been increasingly dipping into the readily available stash of narcotics, is desperate to get out of the situation. In the hopes of making a lot of extra money quickly, so they will be able to just sneak away in the night, he brings in a Crystal Meth cooker to set up a lab upstairs at a very inviting price. But sneaking around behind the bikers’ backs only adds to the paranoia.

And as Lacy looks into the history of the house and who the angry Spirit might be, it’s already too late for everyone in the house. Between the bikers and the ghost of a woman who used to live in the house, no one may make it out alive.

And also be sure to watch the trailer for Jane Doe right here on our blog.

But most importantly, don't forget to check her out on Maxim :

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FUZE Presents The Red Carpet Room Spring Trend Report

Still uncertain about what's hot this season or need some inspiration to spice up the wardrobe? Join us the Spring Trend Report at Canada's exclusive style showroom The Red Carpet. Sip on cocktails and snack on hors d'oeuvres as you enjoy a runway fashion show and brush up on the latest trends.

And for the curious, the runway designer showcase will feature the likes of Jessica Biffi, Mulcair, Brazen Hussy, Coccolily, Paris Li, Lizares, Hillberg & Berk, Psalms 91:1, MICALLA, Blair Nadeau, and Miss Niya.

Tickets are now available for $25.00 CDN at http://trendreport.eventbrite.com/; but hurry, because the event is taking place this Monday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be authentic - The most important lesson you can learn about your brand

I learned one of the most important lessons from this book. I read Chasing Cool about a month ago as it was recommended by my friend Yvonne of HeyDoYou. As I started reading I begin to think it was a composition of articles throwing out catch phases and cliches about going within to find yourself and not copying or looking at others.

It talked about avoiding trend reports. What a foolish thing I thought, how can you design relevant pieces that people will buy if it's not on the mark or what is hot.

The more I read into the book I realize the whole book was that one theme. But something change, it was me. I started to fully understand what it means to be yourself and not care about others. I knew what it meant to be authentic, true to your brand, your vision, and who you are as a brand.

That have been an important lesson, at the end I knew who I was, what JUZD Streetwear stands for, what I have to do create and not follow. It's a simple lesson "be authentic", two words but for me to understand the meaning behind the two words I had to read 227 pages and it was worth it.

What we have been doing was looking at the trends and fashion reports and works of other designer. However it felt very strange, incongruent. The first JUZD collection came out and it was very well received. Even to this point people are still ordering it. Yet when we did the first collection I didn't know anything about fashion, about trends, about reports or the shirt industry, I did it because that's what I thought was good art.

As I am working hard on the current collection no longer do I care what others are doing or what is doing well in the stores. JUZD is not in the business of copying others or even following paths of other lines, we are in the business of creating our brand, our own direction, and our own style. It's even better if our line doesn't look like what's hot out there. It means we are original, and when you create good art, those people who appreciate it will buy it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Style Redux: Patterns Warm up the Closet

It's the last of the major fashion weeks - Paris - for the fall/winter 2010 season. Not too long before we begin reconsidering the warmth of spring again. So in this edition of the weekly style redux, we've opted for a very summery outfit, which you can wear with your Koncept tee from the online JUZD shop.

Get this look online:

1. With a lighter wash available, the denim jacket from Old Navy is a great steal at $29.50 USD.

2. Patterns are definitely still in for another season. They've been a complete hit since several seasons ago; and yes, floral is still in! Pick up this vibrant floral printed skirt, online only deal at Urban Outfitters for $58.00 USD.

3. Wedges are hot this season; spice up your shoe collection with these black wedges from Forever 21 for $22.80.

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone's personal photos on YouTube?

About 10 minutes ago I contemplated going to bed but decided to check a few things online then I found myself on a MySpace page with a youtube video. For some reason I click play. I hate MySpace, all pages look like crap and with little content.

This is one of those. I clicked it because I didn't know what it was doing on this poorly composed thing called a page. A few seconds in I was hooked because of the song. To me it seem like someone compiled a bunch of personal photos and overlaid it with Portishead's Glorybox, one of the most amazing songs and one of my favourite bands.

The more I watched the more intrigued I was. It was not what I expected, it ended being one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I believe this is a better video than the original.