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Monday, October 19, 2009

CANOE Shows That It's Gotstyle for LG Fashion Week

Making sure that readers always have the up-to-the-minute news, CANOE.ca doesn't deviate from its usual by delivering the down-lo on whose pieces you'll be seeing on the runway at LG Fashion Week. Showcasing the Gotstyle Menswear "Made in Canada" show, which will take place on October 23 at 6PM, CANOE spotlighted several of the designers, including JUZD's lead designer Jing Liu.

Click on the following link to read the article: http://lifewise.canoe.ca/Style/2009/10/15/11417061-sun.html

Weekly Style: Ready to Rock LG Fashion Week

The whole JUZD team is ready to take on LG Fashion Week, but are you? Well, if you still scrambling for outfits, we have one for you. In order to pull it off, though, you need to make sure that you can handle the attitude of your clothes. To brace this incredibly cool fall season, be sure to have your JUZD Original long sleeve shirt, as well as a hot leather jacket and the necessary black skinny jeans.

Get this look online:

1. Toughness comes at a price. Make sure your scuffles are worth it in your Kenna-T Leather Moto Jacket at Nordstrom for 398 USD. C'mon, you have to clobber those other papparazi in style to get your interview with the designers.

2. Take advantage of sale prices, and swipe this pair of DIESEL Nevy Jeans at RevolveClothing.com for only $119 USD

3. Nothing says "attitude" like a pair of fingerless motorcycle gloves. Get yourself a pair of Carolina Amato leather Snappy gloves for $41 USD

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Four Dominant Trends and Their Effects on Fashion

Last week while I was sitting at a seminar by Ipsos Reid, one of the top research firms in the world, I started to think about how the recession has affected trends and culture. The research findings brought up some very interesting points, which included the quite fascinating concept of how the recession has reversed decades-old trends almost instantly. Their research was quite comprehensive it was based on interviewing young influential trendsetters from America, Europe, and Asia. Each interview was one-on-one and was an hour long.

Along with their findings and my observations I’ve noticed four dominant trends, which can also put into the perspective of fashion.

1. I’m in the driver’s seat

People are more independent and self-sufficient; they want to take control of their lives, and have seen how the big institutions have failed and think they can do better. With the advancement of technology and focus on individualist products, such as Tivo and iPod, the “independent movement” has been happening for quite some time now. The interesting twist is that people don’t just want to be independent and in control, but they are taking it step further and wanting to be self-sufficient. This movement has been set on reducing waste and a more sustainable way of consumption.

Within this trend is the active role that the consumer has with the product. This trend was covered in Wikinomics, written by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, and the feedback from users were used in the creation of new products.

This trend exemplifies fashion moving at a faster rate because of the almost instantaneous feedback from consumers. Such feedback can be referred to as the qualitative and quantitative information by data mining the Internet, twitter, and blogs. For instance, feedback has supplied us with the general view that garments should be made more durable and functional, and that the emphasis should be placed on the purpose and eco element. With the recession, it is no longer socially acceptable (or socially responsible if you want to call it) to play the luxury or vanity angle.

Definite retro throwback here

2. Same quality living on smaller budget

With the major collapse of the economy, the current financial situation of many people has changed to the point where many consumers’ net worth have regressed to that of years before. They are reevaluating their situation; first there is a sense of shock and then a sense of rebirth. People are finding new meaning in their lives and new perspectives on how they relate to material goods. However, they still want to maintain their current lifestyles, so they can be found seeking deals, sharing, or renting to maintain what they have.

The rebirth trend leads to the reemergence of classic items. The demand for retro and classic designs has grown dramatically. Whenever any designs from the past come back in vogue, there comes a demand for updated classics. This has been a dramatic shift from the last 15 years where modern and futuristic products and designs were in the “it crowd.”

Now that the eco movement is on everyone’s collective consciousness not only do people want to reduce cost, but they also want to help build a more sustainable planet. But in order to do so, they need guidance and leadership. The fashion industry has been moving towards more eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics as well as looking into the process of garment production, which is the next step is in reducing the costs of products and thus, making them more affordable.

3. Reemergence of Brand Loyalty

People are more concerned with their money and spending. The focus of such mentality is not just saving, but also on understanding finances. This concept relates to the first trend where people want to gain control of their lives. Even though people understand that their money is vulnerable, they still believe in quality. Therefore, they are no longer spending freely, but rather, spending pragmatically.

One notes that people are not buying outfits for each occasion anymore; they seek something that can be worn on multiple occasions. This idea reverses the trend of disposal technology. Take a look at electronics for instance: in the last several years, with the advances in cellphones and mp3 players, we find that they were built to only last a little less than a year. This concept is applicable to computers too; we are using our computers longer now than before. Instead of buying a new computer to replace our outdated desktop, we find ourselves buying additional computers or laptops.

An interesting trend is the creation of ‘instant virtual’ communities. An example is the 60 Earth Hours where everyone around the world turned off their lights or did other energy saving action for 60 hours. Afterwards, the community disbanded with no long-term commitments , whch was instant. The consumer wants to be part of the brand and needs more than ever to feel connected to it. In the past decade, brand loyalty has been questioned a lot but it is returning with full force. In these times, consumers are focused on brand authenticity and brand interaction.

4. The role of luxury

How has the recession affected the luxury market? The flash and bling are gone - no one wants to look like they are doing well. People, though, are still indulging on luxuries; however, instead it’s on the little things, such as an expensive decorative art item for the bathroom. This movement has been quite quick in fashion. Since the recession hit last fall, all the collection and pieces from this year has already changed to muted and sober aesthetics.

Even Siriano has pulled back on the lavishness for his Spring 2010 collection

We are at the start of a generation of new trends. Many major trends from the last decade have sharply turned. While in prosperous environments and rapid technology advancements, the focus was on disposable, low-cost material goods. Such can be seen in the advancement of cell phones and the disposable attitude toward them. New technologies change rapidly, and the cost and quality have dropped dramatically from season to season. This trend was clearly demonstrated in the futuristic car and popularity of modern style décor (think Ikea). During this time, many have shouted the death of “brand loyalty,” as everything became commodities, and where everything boiled down to the price and features.

What a shift it has been from just a year ago and how unexpected that things have changed so drastically. For example, people are not going towards lower quality, lower priced goods anymore. Instead, they are focused on more durable, versatile, and higher quality products. In addition, one finds that in these turbulent times, people are shifting back to the classic styles for a sense of security and stability. Vintage and retro styles are in. The recession has created a sense of vulnerability. This feeling hastens the adoption of the eco movement and need for sustainability. What’s interesting, though, is the move from the consumer back to the concept of brand loyalty. In times such as these, the consumer seeks the security of friends and brands that have an appeal of authenticity.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekly Style: One for the Lookbooks

Just as much as we love being unique, we love being in vogue. Looking like we come straight out of any store's lookbook, this one is sure to be "that look," which everyone'll be pointing to and asked for. Everything about it just says hot and stylish: the vest, liquid tights/rubber leggings, big sunglasses, and of course, the comic on the JUZD shirt (flip yours inside out!).

Get this look online:

1. Bored of regular spandex tights and leggings? Well give this pair a go: the Members Only Rubber Leggings for $88 at Urban Outfitters

2. Nothing says fall like the sudden gusts of wind sweeping away the sunlight. Keep warm during this winter transition with The North Face Nuptse vest, which is insulated with 700 fill goose down, for $160 CDN

3. What good would you be battling the weather if you didn't protect your eyes? Take care of your eyes by sporting a pair of MICHAEL Michael Kors "Santa Barbara" Retro Inspired Sunglasses from Nordstrom for $99 USD

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feature: JUZD Product Model and Actress Veronika London Named the Megan Fox of North Hollywood

Ever thought that JUZD would be in the movie and TV business? Well, your dreams are definitely coming true with our sizzling product model Veronika London as she features the hot "Fuck like a Porn Star" shirt in her latest feature film, How to Cook like a Porn Star.

This edgy Canadian actress is quickly becoming the Megan Fox of Hollywood North. At 22, London’s raw talent and ambition have catapulted her to the fast-track. Coming off a recent television appearance on the provocative HBO series Lingerie, London rode the “exposure” to land features in Maxim and UMM magazines. She is set to appear in the second season of SHOWTIME’s Body Language series while shooting the independent feature film “Mvnerva”, where she plays a gorgeous and unlikely assassin. The starlet is also scheduled to play the lead in the upcoming comedy independent feature film, How to cook like a Porn Star. These films compliment her seventh music video appearance in as many months. Finally, a busy year culminates in London’s portrayal of the heroine in Paul Roberts’ Burning Amber. Promising to be an instant success, the Jeremy Shell produced project is receiving noteworthy attention from industry insiders and may be London’s first significant hit.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Toronto, the Latin “Femme Fatale” uses her theatre training, martial arts background and raw sensuality to sell herself as product model for the planet’s first bamboo designer label “JUZD”. In addition, she is known as the edgy “Glam Rock Babe” for Queen West Magazine where she reports the hottest trends to hit the street. Catch her next doing charity work, or making an appearance in Toronto in this October’s “Las Vegas Fashion Show” hosted by Playful Chick Parties to support the fight against breast cancer.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekly Re-Style: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba did not make my airport best dressed list at all this week.......although truthfully she rarely makes any best list for me.
However, at my attempt to stay on the positive side and make her much more appealing, I have decided to re-style none other than Mrs. Jessica Alba

I love her leather jacket, and I think it's a must have for the season! I can also sympathize when a girl wants to stay under the radar and have a head to toe black wardrobe day. So in this case lets stick with her theme, but change it up to be chic and of course a lot more stylish!
FACT: Her t-shirt is no where near as comfortable as a Juzd plain black tee. Therefore we will switch her black tee for the basic Juzd crew neck fitted tee. Jessica's rockin' post baby bod will look just fabulous in the snug shirt.
You can find this shirt and more on Juzds online shop!

Since we are sticking to basic black, we need to make sure she is wearing a statement trend. It seems only fit to throw on some classy harem pants found at Urban Outfitters. And for a bold pop we will add a Deepa Gurnani black and white tye dye scarf that pairs perfect with her jacket. In a perfect world I would add heels, but for Mrs. Alba's traveling purposes I will keep her in her adorable bow flats.

After I've dressed the girl, she seems to be a lot more classier...
If only I could color her hair.

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Spotted: Darrin Henson "Falling" for the New JUZD Line

Actor and choreographer Darrin Henson was recently seen wearing a basic long-sleeve JUZD shirt during his spot on BET's The Mo'Nique Show. This long-sleeve shirt is part of the new JUZD fall/winter line, which features strong colors - hot pink, blue, and grey - and crazy designs, as well as several basics to widen the selection.

As a well-known actor, choreographer, and dancer hailing from the New York City's Bronx area, Henson has worked with many popular music artists, such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Jordan Knight. Notable accomplishments in the entertainment industry include the fantastic release of his instructional dance videos and his win at the MTV Music Video Awards for best choreography in 2000 ("Bye bye bye," by N*SYNC). In addition to dance, Henson also starred in Showtime's TV series Soul Food, and in the motion picture Stomp the Yard.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

JUZD Tech Tee Seen in Action on "The Random Basterd"

Ever wonder how a JUZD tee moved? Think about it: you've only ever seen it in still-photos and in promos for not longer than 30 seconds at a time. Check out this Canadian short film by Jonathan Dowds-Hott and Daniel Lee where Jonathan Steen is featured wearing the JUZD Tech Tee - one of our best sellers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Style: Against the Wall for Good Style?

Let's face it: fashion is cyclical. So coming to terms with old trends coming back into the scene may be hard. After all, how do you deal with the fact that the $600 jacket you paid for last season just isn't the "in" item right now, or that you donated your old retro gear only to find out that it is selling for triple what you paid for.

So when you're up against the wall and wanting to look different than you did when you were ten, why not infuse your look with some fashion that hasn't been around for too long? Fairly new on the fashion scene, JUZD tees are taking the market by storm. Get into the "in crowd" with the JUZD floral long sleeve and pair it with a cute skirt and tights while the weather is still tame.

Get this look online:

1. Make your outfit cute and retro with this Kimchi Blue Solid Full Tie Back Skirt from Urban Outfitters for $58 USD

2. Keep your legs warm from that occasional cool breeze with this Fab Basic Tights Set from Forever 21 for only $4.50 USD

3. Doll up your outfit with this pair of round-toed Browns ID leather shoes for $198 CDN

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