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Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly Style: "Face" Fall in Style

Fall is officially here, which means we can say goodbye to flip-flops, shorts, and tanks and hello to frigid breezes and scarves. But this early in the fall, we don't need to be sporting that wool jacket just yet. In fact, we can still get away with just long-sleeved shirts and jeans.

So urban fashionistas, let's try this look. With the "Face" long-sleeved JUZD shirt, put on a pair of distressed jeans to show that you're in for battling this fierce weather. And nothing like a hunter's/aviator's hat and shades to brace the fall winds as you strive to show that weather isn't going to stop your fashionable adventures.

Get this look online:

1. Hit the sales and grab a pair of Paige Premium Denim 'Laurel Canyon' jeans from Nordstrom for $112.90 USD

2. Don't let the fierce weather see what's on your mind. Sport a pair of 'Duchess' Shades of Couture by Juicy Couture sunglasses from Nordstrom for $135 USD

3. And finally, don't let your brain freeze. Cover your head with the unisex aviator hat from Canada Goose. Available at Sporting Life for $145 CDN.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Style: Pose Like You Mean It

Everyone knows that the boyfriend sweater is in for women, but what about for guys? Well, with the merging of dress and casual wear, men should be finding themselves (if they haven't already) pairing up their snazzy jeans and slick casual wear shirts with blazers. But if you are wanting to keep the fashion unique, you cannot go wrong with JUZD Streetwear shirt with foil accents.

Even though the blazer covers up the back of the Corona long-sleeve, there are still accents of a grid pattern to highlight your outfit. Keep the look slick with a hot pair of sunglasses, black jeans, and leather shoes.

Get this look online:

1. Be suave in a Cheap Monday Basic Jacket, which can be purchased from SSENSE for $156 USD

2. Dressing nice doesn't always mean you have to drop the nice bills. Grab a pair of BDG Overdyed Skinny jeans for $49 USD

3. Nothing says slick like a pair of Ray-Bans. Grab this pair of Ray-Ban wrap sunglasses from Nordstrom for $129 USD

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JUZD's spot on "Trendy Zone" now on YouTube

In case you missed your chance to watch the clip of JUZD being spotlighted on OmniTv's Trendy zone, here's your opportunity to still catch it. Just uploaded onto our YouTube channel, you can see JUZD being featured on the hip, and of course, "trendy" Chinese show.

Friday, September 18, 2009

JUZD to be featured in Toronto Fashion Week this October!

When someone says they're buying "local," it's usually a reference to the groceries in their baskets, but in the fashion world, this concept takes on a whole new meaning. Poised on showing off Canada's talent in fashion, menswear store GotStyle will be hosting the "Made in Canada" during Toronto's Fashion Week in October.

In doing so, the well-known menswear store will be featuring brands that they sell, such as Bustle, Kwasi, and of course, JUZD Streetwear! Are we excited? Of course!

Toronto Fashion Week
is one of the most talked about events in the city with over 450 registered media personnel and 25 000 persons in attendance. During the fashion week, the website achieves over one million hits per day.

To learn more about the itself, as well as sponsoring it, head over to the GotStyle Menswear blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Re-Style: Katy Perry

I understand that celebs can't look red carpet ready all the time, but I find it difficult to understand why sometimes they end up looking like this....

Katy Perry must have avoided mirrors before leaving her house that day. The shoes are too much, and they don't really suit her style! The outfit is just to simple and boring for a fabulous girl like her ...yawn.

Since she opted for a casual look, we will keep that in mind when we do a quick restyle for her.
Casual and comfort, yet still fashionable just screams a Juzd Original bamboo crewneck tee shirt. It is a perfect classy and ultra relaxed for Katy's day time wardrobe. It has a graphic design of the Juzd Stamp on the front chest as it transcends to simplicity on the back.

Her grey skinnys are a must for any season, so why not keep them on her. I will untie those high tops, that are way to bright/ bad color combo shoes and get her in to some cute suede/leather flat boots. A polished twill bomber jacket by Adam is a must have! Swap that in and Katy's look is almost complete. I personally think that there is nothing more fitting then a newspaper shoulder bag for any relaxed street look. An affordable one can be found at forever 21 and it will finilize Ms.Perry from head to toe.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Style: On the Go for New York Fashion Week

Notebook check? Pen check? Invitations in hand? And style? To cover New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, you have got to make sure that you have everything ready and in line because one mistake can leave you standing closed out on a show.

Make sure you are chic and glamorous to report with this JUZD look. Sport a JUZD Floral shirt from the fall 09 season, which will be available soon, to ensure that you are fresh when running from show to show. Pair this shirt with trousers and a vest to show off your professionalism, and snag a hot bag to store all your necessities.

Get this look online:

1. Want to be a bit different? Give a go to a black twill vest by Kag, which is on sale now for $75 CDN at SSENSE.

2. Also from SSENSE, you can find a great pair of straight leg trousers. Try on Diesel's Paraguasi grey trousers for $120 CDN

3. Getting a nice men's bag is always hard to find, but when you get one, you know it's a great buy. The always reliable Jack Spade has a sale now on their grain leather Eaton duffle. The price may be a bit steep at 437.50, but it's well worth it.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Re-Style: Whitney Port

A shocking disappointment! Whitney Port usually steps out with trendy, chic, 70's vintage-inspired outfits, that always fit fabulously into her NY street style. Unfortunately, on this Monday afternoon, Whitney walked through the West Village of New York City in what appears to be some random bag lady's clothes. Come on Whitney...do you not classify yourself as a designer? Please tell me what hot new designer would be caught wearing Easter turquoise colored leggings, and a ratty old grey sweatshirt....

Time for Mrs. Port to be restyled in to some fresh Juzd clothing and other NY city chic pieces. Lets start off by changing her top. We will give Whitney a bold Juzd graphic stylez shirt, this shirt has the signature Juzd paw print at the front, with a splash of the red graphic on the back. This tee will be a perfect fit and flatter her figure more than that sweater ever could.

Now instead of throwing out her rough vintage look that she was trying to prevail in her sweater, we will take the concept and work it in to the jeans. So...off go the leggings and on go a pair of Silence and Noise Ripped Twig jeans. At last, lets give her a Preppy-Upper East Side, Cardigan in a bold red from Topshop.
To get her look to transcend from day to night, the sneakers gotta go! In place will be a pair of gladiator wedges from Urban. With this mix of classics and stylish trends we create a go-to style that can be worn to mutiple occasions. Who knows where the day will take ya.

Oh! Add the scarf for some color if you like, it makes a statement accessory. There ya go Whitney, now you can confidently roam the NY streets looking..well just fabulous !

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekly Style: Fall Right Into The Basics

Labor Day marks two things: the end of summer and the start of school for many. Why not go for this back-to-school look? It's not too flashy, but it certainly says "hot!" And for you fashionistas, it's always great to have a basic look in your wardrobe for those low-key days. JUZD is releasing in its fall collection long-sleeved basic shirts; one in a crew neck style, and another in a v-neck style. Couple that with a black nail polish, a pair of shiny leggings and aviators (or Wayfarers if you are a New Yorker), and you're set.

Get the rest of the look online before the JUZD fall collection is out:

1. Snag these aviator sunglasses by "Marc by Marc Jacobs" at Nordstrom for only $98 USD!

2. Pay attention to the little details: they can elevate your status from ordinary to super chic. Paint your nails with the long lasting "Dark Room Nail Color" nail polish by OPI Nails from Sephora for $9 USD

3. Be sure to don a pair of shiny leggings, as they are the talk of the town. Get yours from American Apparel for $46 USD

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