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Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Style: Bounce High, Bounce Low

Getting noticed at a club is hard. There is always a load of people fighting (sometimes literally) for their chance in the spotlight. You need that energy to stay in the crowd long enough to unleash your personality. So check out this look where Craig is JUZD and ready to take the dance floor by storm.

Pairing his Stylez tee with a pair of high-end jeans and casual Chucks, Craig is sure to play up both the chic and urban look. Making sure he doesn't stay too late at the club, Craig also dons a stylish watch.

Get this look online:

1. Get your groove on with the Stylez JUZD tee in white for $78.20 CDN

2. Be the talk of the talk of the town with these snazzy Billy Super Big T Jeans by True Religion for $319.00 CDN at SSENSE

3. Show off chicness in a watch with the Fluid Negative Space Watch, which is available at Urban Outfitters for $98 USD

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Re-Style : Miley Cyrus

Close, but no dice!

I give Miley an A for effort for her outfit she steped out in Tuesday morning. This basic outfit is simple, and very comfy feeling. However, it could use a bit of shine up, a few different fashion choices will make Miley a little less Disney star and a little more InStyle street ready.

The girl has some great legs for those denim cut offs, so why not keep them on! Miley's basic grey v-neck is to boring and is appearing towards the sloppy side. We will give Miley a Juzd basic crewneck tee , where she will realize the comfort a t-shirt can give, while still enhancing the same casual style. The classic (light-grey) signature tee fits perfect to the body. You can get this style and many more at Juzd online store.

The look needs a few more details to make it stand apart. Lets add in a double buckled, basket weave, chocolate belt to sit right at her hipline on top of our crewnecks bottom hem.

Miley's hat is less than perfect, and is begging to be switched to a Wool Felt Trilby Hat from topshop! Continue by kicking off the converse and throwing on a hot pair of Tory Burch's - Reva Lipstick Red Suede Ballet Flats. Last but not least, substitute that collection of bracelets on her wrist for a classic turquoise bangle! Ta da...Mileys style alters to perfection just like that. We kept it clean, classy, and fabulous.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Playboy playmates, Anissa Holmes and Lana Tailor, like to F**** like Pornstars

You heard it! Playboy playmates, Anissa Holmes and Lana Tailor, absolutely love to "Fuck like a Pornstar." They love the bamboo shirts displaying this bold statement by JUZD, which were shown off at Atelier on Saturday night. Check out the images below and stay tuned for next week's shirt!

Weekly Style: Expose Your Inner JUZD

Remember how that Katy Perry song went? "You're hot then you're cold..." It's good to dress in layers, but it's even better to dress stylishly so that when you are feeling a little too hot, you can make a statement when taking that layer off.

Craig does it with ease by pulling back his sweater and exposing his All-Star JUZD shirt to the cool evening. Paired with a pair of cargo pants, Craig is for sure embodying the legend of 1898.

Get this look online:

1. You need energy. So grab the All-Star JUZD tee for $78.20 from the online JUZD shop.

2. Heat up your look with this edgy Heavy Metal Hoodie from Urban Outfitters for $78 USD

3. Finish the look off with his neutral pair of Z Brand tarmac cargo pants, which are on sale now at SSENSE for $75 CDN

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Friday, August 21, 2009

JUZD Parties like a Rockstar at Atelier

Releasing the Party like a Rockstar shirt last Saturday night at Atelier, JUZD starts off its new line of shirts with a bang! Check out the photos below to see the awesome time that everyone had. Be sure to check in on Monday to see the next shirt released!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekly Re-Style: Chris Brown

Overload! That is the only word that comes to mind when I viewed this picture of Mr. Chris Brown himself. There is just simply wayyyyyy too much going on in one ensemble! Chris is clearly trying to make some sort of fashion statement here, however I think he got lost and confused somewhere between the pastel blue shoes and the his multi colored hoodie.

Lets calm this look down while still incorporating bold pieces to withhold Chris Browns trendy look. If we add in a basic tee, it gives us a lot of lead way for a busier sweater. If you are not a fashion expert, my advice would be avoid mixing patterns and too many colors. Stick with a basic and a then one pattern, they make quite the couple!

We will throw on our Juzd basic crewneck tee with Juzd's signature fit and feel. It is a must have fitted black t-shirt that goes with basically everything in ones closet! It is the guys version of the "little black dress"..... everyone should own one! You can find this tee and many more at Juzd online shop. Now to keep Chris's style in tack lets add a great Junk De Luxe patterned cardigan! This cardigan still makes a loud statement, but avoids any color clash.

I am enjoying his shorts on him, so those can stay. If we throw out that red belt, give him some black and grey Vans, his look will be one hundred percent better with minimal effort! We could add a Armani fedora in there, just to add that touch of class....but his own black hat works just fine as well. Oh, I think this goes without saying, but those socks should never have happened.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Style: Keeping it Stylish While Being Extreme

It's incredibly hot on the east coast with temperatures hitting up to 33˚C but feeling more like 37˚ or even 40˚. Despite the hot weather, our JUZD bamboo tees are still there to make an effort to keep you cool, allowing you to continue living to the max.

Keeping you fresh and odor-free is the JUZD Tech tee in grey, along with green pants to trek the urban jungle. To top it off, our model dons a pair of sunglasses and hot cap to give his outfit all the necessary attitude.

Get this look online:

1. Keep cool in this hot and humid weather with a JUZD Tech tee, available at the JUZD shop for $78.20 CDN

2. Making sure that your clothing breathes easy is important, especially in this weather. So be sure to grab a pair of All-Son Cotton Linen Cape Cod Pants from Urban Outfitters on sale now for $29.99 USD!

3. When you are being extreme but also want to keep the fashionista look, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Maui Jim 'Akoni' aviators. This brand often features stylish looks in polarized frames. The 'Akoni' can be found on Nordstrom for $259.00 USD

4. Give your outfit some classy attitue with this 6 Panel Heather Wool Driver from Urban Outfitters for $28.00 USD

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Fab Spring Summer 2010 Product Models: Veronika London and Jonathan Steen

When you go traveling abroad and ask the locals what they think of Canadians, the answer is always the same: nice and friendly. So it comes as no surprise that when actress Veronika London (who is also our fabulous product model) was cast and started filming HBO's "Lingerie," she decided to share her love for JUZD with the rest of the cast by dressing them up in a couple of our tees!

Aside from being featured on the the TV series "Lingerie" as the hot model Cindy, Veronika definitely is sure to keep herself busy as she is currently taking on three independent film projects: "How to Cook Like a Pornstar," "Reckless Measures," and "Acid Heads." All three of these films are slated to be released in 2010. But what else does Veronika have in store for 2010? Well, since she was such a delight for our Spring Summer 2009 line, it was obvious that she should be our product model again for the Spring Summer 2010 collection!

When Veronika shared those JUZD tees with the "Lingerie" cast, it caught the eye of Jonathan Steen, who plays the cool and charismatic character "Russ." He too will be featured as a product model for the Spring Summer 2010 collection!

Jonathan, born in Tokyo Japan, says that his dedicated work ethic stems from his acceptance of the Japanese culture. This adopted outlook is also apparent in his commitment to his physique and to the goals of his exclusive personal training clients. He also demonstrates an easygoing, spiritual side, which can be seen through his adaptations on screen and in photo shoots . Like Veronika, Jonathan is also busy and is currently working on two independent feature films: "Dead Genesis" and "BWAS."

When asked of his experience shooting "Lingerie" Jonathan had this to say:

“What a surreal experience! I had an awesome time working with the cast and crew while learning the on-screen dynamic. Walking into my first audition I had no expectations of being casted, even for a walk on role. Scoring a lead role was something I never thought imaginable."
So be sure to check out this awesome duo in the JUZD Spring Summer 2010 collection!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekly Re-Style: Robert Pattinson

Confession: I have some crazy odd obsession with celebrities and their airport style. I just adore how majority of the stars travel, from their Louis Vuitton luggage to the endless assortment of hats we see. It always seems perfect for the occasion and appears effortless!!

Robert Pattinson is one of the hottest guys of 2009, and although his traveling attire isn't that awful, its fabulousness doesn't make up for it. This fella usually isn't dressed half bad, and he really can pull off the -roll out of bed- look pretty well, but hey, for the hell of it lets re-style Robert to make sure he lands my best dressed airport style list every time! ;)

His black henley is rather boring and I feel that its the only thing we ever see him in! Swap it for a bolder, comfier Juzd graphic tee. This Studio Juzd tee is perfect for the boy! It has a gold foil wallpaper design on the upper right side and refines to simplicity on the back. Find this style and more online at the Juzd Shop.

His distressed jeans can stay put, since they basically are a year long item. However his combat boots are a little dated, the more recent looks are tending to be a heavier/thick/sturdier appeal. Lets treat those feet nice as we slip on the Alexander McQueen cap toe boots. Lastly say bye bye Yankees and hello beanie! The Urban Outfitters beanie is a great way to continue our bold and effortless style! Oh and of course he can keep those Ray Bans on.....for as longgggggg as he wants!

JUST IN: JUZD custom made Bamboo Hangers

Another way where JUZD is being innovatively green in the closet... BAMBOO HANGERS!
JUZD bamboo t-shirts have been such a big hit, we decided to further expand the usage of bamboo in the closet... Bamboo Hangers, which are environmentally friendly because it is a renewable and sustainable resource; as one of the earth's fastest growing plants, it has a growth cycle of 3 to 5 years. Bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood because its resistant to moisture and stains.

Jing Liu the Lead Designer and creator of the planet's first bamboo designer label, he intrinsically designed these natural, durable hangers. With the iconic red gorilla logo embedded at the top centre of each hanger its JUZD customization is evident.

Naked & Famous Denim is our favourite jeans!

Naked & Famous Denim are the best rated in quality and value by JUZD Lead Designer, Jing Liu. Offering premium denim and the latest innovation in fabric technology is the driving force behind the Naked & Famous labels' success. As the exclusive producer of 'Silk Denim', a rare and unique blended fabric originating from Japan, than brought to Canada to be produced into jeans.

'Rare & Raw Japanese Denim' is the core mission behind the Naked & Famous brand. They keep their jeans raw and simple. No washes, no embroidery, no gimmicks....just the best fabrics in the world combined with modern fits at a reasonable price.

JUZD Lead Designer, Jing Liu got to meet the mastermind of Naked & Famous at Project in New York, Brandon indicated his inspiration to develop a denim collection so satirical of our celeb-obsessed culture because he feels too many brands of jeans out there are over-priced just because Hollywood stars wear them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Style: Hats Off To You!

Last week we gave you a sneak peak for the fall-winter collection, so hopefully you've already got those pieces waiting in your closet! But getting back to what you can wear now, we've got another outfit for your current line of JUZD tees.

Showing off the Studio tee and keeping it classy with black denim jeans and a cardigan with a sleek black trim, our model Sebastian tips his unique fedora off to you for your taste in good style in urban chic.

Since last week's weekly style was a budget breaker, we're going to aim at getting this look for under $100 per item.

1. Be sure to grab a JUZD studio tee for $78.20 CDN from the JUZD online shop to ensure the stylish look!

2. Excellent deduction my dear Watson. The summer's winding down, so grab the Watson Sweater Cardigan from Heritage1981 ($21.90 USD) for those cool breezes and chilly nights.

3. Pair this look with a pair of black straight-cut jeans from Urban Outfitters. Keeping the budget under $100, the BDG Straight Rinsed Raw is a steal for $54.00 USD

4. This look wouldn't be complete if we didn't include a hat! Aiming for a light brown fedora, we found the Buguggiate (try saying that real fast!) fedora from Aldo for only $25.00 CDN!

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CiRCA Nightclub gets JUZD with Craig Henry and Johnny Caines

If you live in Toronto and are even the least bit in the party scene, you without a doubt know CiRCA Nightclub. So it comes as no surprise that JUZD shirts can be spotted at one of the hottest clubs on any given evening. Check out the video below, which features Craig Henry and Johnny Caines feeling the power of JUZD as they perform great flips and tricks!

Credits for the great video editing goes to The Biz Media, who specializes in online videos and have worked with the likes of Microsoft and Labatt.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Juzd Weekly Re-Style Christina Aguilera

I completely understand that the job of a mother is endless and exhausting. I also am completely okay with a "relaxed and comfortable look" ......that is, if it is done correctly. New mom Christina Aguilera took a stab at this style and sadly, she was the least bit successful. Christina defiantly didn't take a look in the mirror before going out in those flashing lights! The only thing cute about this little get up, is the little cutie pie sitting on her hip.

Not to worry...this issue can be fixed with a quick re-vamp!

Let's throw on a Juzd Stylez Black Graphic Tee instead of her sloppy off-white graphic! The Juzd tee will be a better fit on Christina and MUCH more flattering. This shirt has a unique graphic detailing on the front and the back, showcasing Juzd's logo'd gorilla paw print. You can get this look and more at Juzds online store.

I really don't mind the flannel trend of the moment, however the one she is sporting is way too boxy and over sized. Lets trade it up for a Charlotte Russe flannel button up and, why not toss the leggings at the same time. Add a pair of boyfriend jeans and that's it! We have a chic distressed on-the-go style!

While I am at it , I am not really feeling those $5.00 foam flip flops either. Finish this look with a fabulous pair of Corso Como t-strap sandals. Now Xtina can keep on with her busy day while getting photographed looking oh so fashionable !