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Monday, July 27, 2009

JUZD Weekly Style: Hats are In!

Even though it is summer, hats are so in! Paired with a JUZD shirt, here are two great outfits that make use of these great accessories.

Wearing a toque from Urban Outfitters, Chris is wearing his All-Star tee with a pair of dark-washed jeans and a great watch. Steering away from the toque and opting for a cap from Nobis, Sebastian sports a Tech tee with a plaid shirt, and faded jeans.

Get these looks online (that's right guys, you get special treatment with two snazzy outfits this week):

1. In order to be a rockstar, you've got to look like one. Don't forget the All-Star JUZD shirt found on the online shop for $78.20 CDN.

2. Keep it Canadian by wearing a hat, even in summer! Get your Pinch Beanie at Urban Outfitters on sale for $19 USD

3. Make sure you're comfortable when strutting your coolness in a pair of Regular Alf Nudie jeans from Over the Rainbow, on sale now for $137.50 CDN

4. Want a different look? Try on the Tech JUZD Shirt available for $78.20

5. When you feel chilly, no need to put on dull zip-ups, jazz it up with a CPT Cockpit Lumberjack Plaid Workshirt for $58.00 USD from Urban Outfitters

6. In addition to a fresh tee, why not a new wash of jeans? Go lighter with Citizens of Humanity's "Jagger," on sale now for $116.50 CDN at Over the Rainbow

7. Top off your suave look with the Hugh Demann cap from Nobis' Spring-Summer '09 collection

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion Industry from New York City - Project Show, Blue Collective, and Capsule

Today I checked out all the shows that was happening in New York city this week, Project Show, Blue Collective, and Capsule Show. The Project show is the denim and streetwear show, started out in New York but now it happens in New York and Las Vegas and now is owned by Magic. Blue and Collective show is operated by ENK which is the closest competitor to Magic. Blue is their denim and casual wear section and Collective are the more formal lines are. Capsule is the new cool kid on the block. More hipster and underground lines, it's all the new stuff the cool kids are wearing. Don't get it mistaken, it's not as underground as you might think, these are top lines in all the big important retailers, they are just less commercial than the competitors at the other shows.

The economy sucks. As I was talking to a close friend in the industry who's ear is on the street all times tells me that everyone is having trouble paying. Even the big shops are asking for extensions and will only take consignments from any new designers. All the shops in LA are doing horrible. New York is not that great either. One of the top shops here in New York, Lounge has closed down. But they opened a new store but it's a discount place now. He tells me this new game the retailers are playing. Changing company names but keeping their shop and ignoring the accounts payable. It's a difficult time for all. But he's optimistic about the international market, for extending his line anyways.

He's in the premium streetwear market and he tells me the spending of $100+ on tees are long gone. Everyone is lowering their price points.

What does this mean for brands and buyers. They are cutting back on their trips and tradeshows. As everyone know the Vegas shows are the essential shows many brands have elected not to do New York shows. As this have been happening for a while now even before the meltdown. And the buyers are cutting back and not attending New York shows either since they have go to Las Vegas to see all the lines.

It was my first time at the ENK Blue Collective show. It has a nice set up, at Pier 94, quite a distance away from the subway so it was hard to get to. It was very small and traffic wasn't that good. A rep I spoke to told me that by far Project is much better. Saw a couple of interesting lines, it was my first time seeing Desigual from Spain. A very colourful line that just entered the US market for a couple of seasons and have been in Canada for a few seasons now. However it's quite big in Europe and opened a store on Broadway downtown Manhatten this past April.

Project New York was next. They moved from the Javitz convention centre to the Lexington Armory, which was really not close to anything. I went in and after a little while I figured it out. It's about half the size of last year which was already very small. People just wasn't getting the value in paying for a booth and not enough buyer's were coming to the event. Saw a couple of cool lines of jeans which has crazy washes and detailing, Red Pepper and Vintage Laundry. Check them out. They are kind of unknown so it's going to be hard to find them.
Jumped in the shuttle taxi which Project New York offers and headed to Capsule down at the church. It was pretty packed last year, see photos and blog. It was still pretty packed this year. Looks like things are getting better for this show. This is a show that everyone talks about. Very hipster underground New York kind of things. Met the guys behind Naked and Famous which is my favourite line of denim. Also saw this pretty cool line right before I left down in the basement, Shades of Greige.

I know last year they had a waiting list for Capsule and that's why this show is packed. This year Capsule is going to Vegas, interesting to see how they will compete there. I see Capsule as a New York style kind of show, it definitely has it's own niche.

You might think that with the bad economy there will be less lines and stores attending Las Vegas but I predict otherwise, it will be just as big as all the previous seasons. There's a new show called Premium at Magic. The popular Project Las Vegas will be cut in half and the half it cut will be at Premium. Heard that the buyers are more diverse and have higher price points at this show. I think that's where JUZD will end up being. But even with the bad economy it won't slow down the show, this is once in the year where the lines meet to get orders from their buyers, no way they will miss out on that.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Re-Style - Shia LaBeouf

I must admit, there is something about Shia LaBeouf's dirty, rugged, and vintage look that I just can't get enough of. Most times, he does pull this image off quite successfully and the way the boy wears a fitted tee is impressive to say the least.

With saying that, something went terribly wrong when Shia decided to put this outfit together. Coutos to him for being bold enough to sport those purple pants!!! I actually kind of enjoy them on him , however that cardigan and that old Harley Davidson tee don't mesh well together. It comes off as three totally different styles in one outfit. Rule of thumb ; try to stick to one overall style at a time, things get to messy if not! To many trends (+) to many creative ideas
always equals (=) fashion disaster.

Since Shia was confident enough to put on the purple skinnys, I think we can work around them when we match them up with a basic black crew neck Juzd tee. What guy doesn't look great in a Basic crew neck? Better yet, what guy wouldn't enjoy looking great in one of the most comfortable tees he will ever put on. The basic crew neck is made from Juzd's signature bamboo with the Juzd classic fit and feel where you can find online on Juzd Shop for $41.40

All we really have to do now is throw away that powdered blue knit cardigan and swap it for a great asymmetrical urban outfitters black cardigan. Give the boy some high top, classic black and white converse and he is set to go.

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JUZD Weekly Style: Smoking Up The Sidewalk

Remember that heat wave several years back when we thought we might as well fry our eggs on the sidewalk? Well, we have something else that can smoke up the sidewalk these days - this awesome outfit worn by model Veronika.

Seen in a black Stylez tee, Veronika pairs her smoking look with a denim miniskirt, dogtag necklace, and bracelet from Suzanne Lorraine. But considering that every fashionista should protect themselves from the bright summer sun, Veronika also sports a pair of imported sunglasses from Hong Kong.

Get this look online:

1. Make sure you have your Stylez tee to rock this ensemble, found online at the JUZD Shop

2. Pick up a similar denim skirt, the Bleach Frayed Denim Skirt from Forever 21 for only $19.90 USD

3. Don't blind yourself from the sizzle you create by grabbing a pair of funky shades, also from Forever 21, for only $5.80 USD!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

JUZD Product Model Veronika London to be Featured on HBO Show

What do we love more than when JUZD gets noticed? Obviously, we love it when affiliates of JUZD gets recognition for their hard work! Product model for the Big 2-5 handmade shirt (i.e. your sure invite to Chris Bosh's 25th birthday bash) Veronika London got noticed by always trendy HBO.

London will be featured in the series "Lingerie," which is set to premier this summer, as a model named Cindy. The series, set in the modeling mecca of New York City, follows models behind the scenes and allows viewers to witness these young beautiful women learn the tough lessons of the business at the hands of unscrupulous photographers and directors.

When asked about what she thought of her role in "Lingerie," London was delighted to reply:

"The experience has been surreal. I had a chance to work with an amazing cast and crew and directors that really knew how to communicate with actors to get the type of shots they wanted . Acting is definitely my number one passion. I've had a chance to see the first episode . The opening scene is actually a photoshoot of me! I found it really funny how I ended up playing a model on TV when modeling wasn't even my plan to persue but it seems to be what is opening doors. At the moment the show is only airing in the shoot and will come in Canada in the fall or in the new year !"

Keep on the lookout for this great show to soon grace your television screens, as well as for other JUZD affiliates who may make it big!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spotlight: Room 322

After being perched at its location on 124th street for over a year-and-a-half, Room 322 has become one of the "go to" stores for streetwear in Edmonton, Alberta. Offering a wide selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories, Room 322 proudly states that they are inspired by the worlds of hip-hop, urbanity, and art. Considering this, it is no wonder how they are able to cater to trendsetters.

Among the brands sold at Room 322 is JUZD! Delighted with the store and its fantastic crew, lead designer Jing Liu wanted to create a private label for the store. Featuring Room 322's logo in gold foil on a black JUZD bamboo tee, the store's shirt is accompanied with its own tags, which are also designed by Jing. Selling for $45 CAD, why not grab your own bamboo Room 322 tee today?

Lead Designer Jing Liu shows off the Room 322 shirt

Creative Designer Robert with his online manager Maria

Room 322
10988 - 124St
Edmonton, Ab T5M-0H8

Store Hours:
Monday – Wednesday 12pm – 7pm
Thursday – Saturday 12pm – 8pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Tel: (780) 758 – 4496
Email: info@room322.ca
Web: http://www.room322.ca
Online Store: http://www.room322shop.ca/

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekly Re-Style - Ashley Tisdale

Its completely understandable when a girl is on the go and she doesn't have that much time to put a fabulous outfit together. Nevertheless, Ashley Tisdale's attempt here for a casual trendy "look" failed horribly.

The sneakers and the high socks should never have happened!! Especially with the combination of a white tee and true religion hat. The overall look seems a bit to hard for Ashley's usual classy style.

Its defiently possible to brighten Ashley's look up, while still creating a casual cool on-the-go style. Lets start by re-styling Ashley in a Juzd "The Big 25" female black tee (which was designed in honor of Chris Bosh for his 25th birthday.) The tee is basic black with the number 25 making a gold statement at the front. It's a great crewneck cut along with the comfort that it brings from the 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.

The Big 25 tee also pairs very nicely with Ashley's black leggings. To complete the restyle and to add some color to the darkness of the ensemble, we will add a multi color Tolani scarf. Continuing to work our way down lets repeat the gold from our Juzd tee and add some Steve Madden t-strap ruffled sandals. The final touch will be a Mui Mui soft black leather shoulder bag!

See you can do a casual fabulous style without spending hours in your closet! Oh and Ashley...loose the ball cap all together ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

JUZD Weekly Style: Unleashing the Power of being JUZD

Where we picture Clark Kent pulling apart the buttons of his dress shirt to reveal Superman, we can easily picture the unleashing of another power, that of being JUZD.

As Craig pulls back his jacket to reveal more of the Stylez JUZD tee, we find that he has already energized his look with a snazzy watch, and pair of distressed jeans!

Get this look:

1. Don't forget the JUZD Stylez shirt, which can be bought at the JUZD online store for $101.35 CDN.

2. Get your own slightly distressed jeans from AG Jeans (The Protogé) for $299 (on sale now for only $149.50) at Over the Rainbow

3. Make sure you don't get too chilly from your coolness and grab the All-Son Hooded Military jacket from Urban Outfitters for only $58.00!

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JUZD Featured on Green Diary!

We were surprised to find an article on us several days ago on SoJones, but we were even more stoked when we found another article the next day on Green Diary!An online blog that focuses on eco-friendly products and lifestyles, Green Diary examines how JUZD leads the pack in using bamboo as a sustainable fabric. In addition to discussing the exclusivity of the line and its urban style, Green Diary also does a comparison between cotton and bamboo to better inform its readers on making this great fabric choice!

Read more here: http://www.greendiary.com/entry/juzds-bamboo-streetwear-heralds-a-new-era-of-eco-fashion/

Friday, July 10, 2009

JUZD is Keepin' Up with SoJones

While "it seems like the whole world is going organic," it really does seem that JUZD is catching on, and making a great online presence! Recently featured on the front page of SoJones (formerly urb1.com), a popular online magazine that strives to keep up with the fast paced world of urban and hip hop fashion, one finds complete coverage of the JUZD brand, including remarks about the exclusivity of the line and of the company's eco-friendly approach.

Check it Out: http://www.sojones.com/news/1314-go-green-with-the-planets-first-bamboo-streetwear-juzd/

This is F*cking AmaZinG! Doing tricks in JUZD shirt

We gave one of our good friends Johnny Caines a JUZD shirt and he sent us a Thank you video. It is quite F*cKinG AmaZinG! You have to see it!

If you like that you may also like our JUZD private party 2008 video

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dream Control: Keep Cool By Being Cool

With the great summer sun beating its rays down on our heads, we need something to keep our brains cool, while still looking as if we just came off the runway. With our fashion sense in mind, our dear friends in New York Jin and James sent us some hats by Dream Control.

These hats are nothing like the ones you find your dad wearing out to a Blue Jays game. Urban and edgy, Dream Control carefully decorates its hats with designs, such as dragons and skulls, for the bold fashionista. With these hats, you are sure to be the talk of the town with what was once thought to be a simple accessory.

Showing off the urban chicness of these hats, our sexy friend Karen Estrada tried out the hats with some JUZD shirts!

If any store is interested in getting these they can contact Brad MacKeen of Attainment Agency at brad@attainment.ca

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

JUZD Re-Style: Jordan Sparks

Where to start with these two?

Jordan Sparks and her boyfriend Steph Jones celebrated his birthday this past Friday, unfortunately in those terrible ensembles! Although Jordan is impeccably talented at performing and singing, her clothes don't seem same here.

The cropped leather vest and busy graphic t-shirt doesn't flatter Jordan's body at all.

Lets keep her grey skinnys because they work well here and when paired with a JUZD Koncept Grey Crewneck Tee the result becomes perfection. This tee is ideal for Jordan's body because the majority of the graphics are on the back of the shirt instead of directly on her torso. Gold graphic detailing of the word Alpha hits the bottom front left, which brightens this white tee up!

Next throw on this S.W.O.R.D Ardea Leather Jacket, which is a longer fit for her as well it adds some great detailing with its ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem.

To complete this cool-chic look that Jordan was originally going for, we will add a blue faux patent croc clutch from Forever21 and some Loeffler Randall Mabel Strappy black pumps.

Monday, July 6, 2009

JUZD Weekly Style: Boyfriend Fit your JUZD Shirt

The boyfriend clothing trend is very popular these days, and it comes as no surprise when we see girls sporting their beau's shirt!

Showing off the comic that is found inside every JUZD tee, Lena flips her boyfriend's tee inside out, and pairs it with cute denim shorts and a hat from Urban Outfitters. Given that this casual outfit is great for a stroll down busy the Queen Street, don't be scared that you'll be lost in the crowd. In fact, you're sure to be turning heads in this outfit, which screams "fashionista on a weekend."

Getting this look online:

1. The most essential part is your boyfriend's JUZD Original shirt (remember to flip it inside out for the cool comic!), which can be bought at the JUZD online store for $101.35 CDN.

2. Pair the shirt with a pair of BDG Destroyed Denim Shorts from Urban Outfitters for $58.00 USD.

3. Completing the look is the Slouchy Ribbed Beanie, which, also from Urban Outfitters, comes in nine different colors! Available for $28.00 USD.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Thanks to all readers and partners that support our fashion blog. We will continue to pump out great content for you guys.

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