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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to start a graphic tee line without design ability or even designs!

So you would think the most important skill in doing a graphic tee line is the ability to design or the ability to have designers to design for you right? That’s how most of the lines I come across do it. The artist is the president and the main person running the business.

But if you suck at designing but still want to make it famous and have a line that come out with designs that match Rocca Wear, Marc Ecko, Timberland, and the likes. What do you do then? You hire the agency that do their design! I got a call from one, Four Front, check out their site www.IntricateConcepts.com. The salesperson told me she came by our booth in Miami's Traffic show. What?!? I don't remember her, she probably got my name from the program guide.

Basically they do designs for quite a bit of top companies such as Timberland, Fila, DKNY, Marc Ecko, and many more. Their designs are very trendy. These are the things that I see in Las Vegas MAGIC week. All I can imagine is a room full of people sitting stamping design after design, moving this a bit and that a bit. Make a couple of copies, change font style and the text, sell a copy to Timberlind and sell one to Marc Ecko. The price aren’t too bad, $400 USD for a design.

This works for the big brands. A consumer sees 6 or 7 horrific designs then he see one good one, he buys that and thinks the brand is cool and buy more. They do more advertising and he goes back to their crap and buy more and they make money. No real design philosophy or concept is needed, buy whole bunch of crap designs that follow the latest trend forecast they paid hundred of thousands for and hope one or two is a hit with someone. If not then put the stuff on sale and still make money. The brand continues strong and they make money. Great formula, no design skills or designs needed!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spotted: Melanie Martin of Flow 93.5 Rocks the Airwaves with JUZD

While some of the fashion conscious population rock their JUZD shirts in the club scene, on the street, and on television (think Nalini Sharma!), others rock it on air. Posing with Nico, winner of Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance, Melanie Martin proudly shows off her JUZD shirt.

Martin, a Sudbury native, is well known as the co-host of the popular JJ & Melanie in the Morning at FLOW 93.5. When she is not on air, Martin can be found getting up-to-date on the news and celebrity gossip (in preparation for The Scoop, a short segment on her morning show where she discusses the latest news with her co-host), scouting the latest fashion trend, and spending time with her daughter.

Catch Martin on-air weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. EST.

Monday, February 16, 2009

JUZD at the Shopaholic event in Toronto

In celebration of the Confession of a Shopaholic movie, Yvonne Kai of HeyDoYou.com celebrated by holding a party for all the fans of the movie on February 12th 2008 at the Fifth. Here are photos from the event.

Jing was featured on TV. Check out the video:

Spotted: Estelle Shows Off What Her American Boy Should Wear!

Recalling that JUZD showcased its hot collection during LA Fashion Week at TaTou lounge in downtown Los Angeles this past October, we noted in attendance of this event was hip-hop/R&B sensation Estelle. What we didn’t tell fans was that lead designer, Jing Liu, met with Estelle and presented to her a JUZD shirt, which she absolutely loved! She loved it so much that she asked us to send her more. So don't be surprise when you see photos of her in magazines and TV dressed in JUZD.

Even though Estelle has already made a name for herself in UK’s hip-hop scene by capturing three consecutive “Best Female Artist” trophies, Estelle is moving onto bigger things. Kick-starting her career in the US music industry with “American Boy,” Estelle is well on her way to becoming just as popular here as she is in the UK!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Launch Party for Creamworld Magazine - A Complete Hit!

Welcoming revelers, well-wishers, and local celebrities (including members of the Toronto Raptors, and MTV host Nicole Holness), into Toronto’s Tryst nightclub, Creamworld Magazine celebrated the launch of its ‘09 winter issue. Ensuring that everyone had a great time, Famous, the Flow 93.5 personality who became a YouTube sensation with his President Too video, took to the stage as the night’s host. And to top off the fun evening, numerous giftbags with goodies from Creamworld’s supporters, including JUZD Streetwear, were given out.

While Creamworld Magazine has plenty to celebrate, so does JUZD! With a full-page advertisement in the magazine’s upcoming issue, the team (including all the models), along with two lucky fans, celebrated their hard work and success in the VIP lounge!

Ed Hardy models wants a piece of JUZD

Check this out! The DJ is sporting JUZD!

Holding the new issue of Creamworld Magazine, Jing Liu, lead designer of JUZD, is proud to be at the party!

Lead designer, Jing Liu, celebrates with JUZD models

JUZD model, Deniz Reno, shows off the full-page advertisement of JUZD found in Creamworld Magazine

JUZD Models having a great time!

Photography by Deniz Reno

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopaholic Cocktail Party in Toronto

Our friend Yvonne Kai is having a Shopaholic party in Toronto. Over 400 RSVPs on Facebook :D!

Get your girlfriends, plan your outfit, buy something new, and have the time of your life.
“If I don’t stop shopping, I’ll send up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady…” Carrie

With music from Toronto’s #1 female dj - dj Lissa Monét + “Profile pic worthy” photography from Flash Velvet, true beauty junkies know about Make Up Forever, Brazen Hussy fashion show, décor by GetFlowered, mini manicures from BUFF, sparkly jewelery from SugarLime, sweet giftbaskets from Dolce Vita Magazine, goodies from Universal Music, cupcakes from PrettySweet and tea-Martinis from DAVIDsTEA...and lots lots more!

I am a Shopaholic will be held at the Fifth Social Club in the heart of Downtown Toronto on Feb 12, 2009 from 8pm onwards.

Limited tickets on sale at Buff Nail 117 Front St E & Brazen Hussy 803 Queen St W for $35
Also available online at www.heydoyou.com

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