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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beginning: The First JUZD Collection

It’s official! The first collection have been a success. Everyone that sees it loves it. I never really had a formal written concept when I designed this collection. I had a concept but wasn’t articulated. How can you really put emotions, thoughts, and intuition into words? Well I had to when I was explaining it to people.

This collection is The Beginning. The start of JUZD, I went with the basic neutral colours, black, white, and grey for the shirts. Even the prints I kept it simple, elementary, the feel that as if the artist is just starting to play with the elements. The use of only red and gold reflected this genesis feel. And it is true, I am just experimenting and starting off. JUZD is being born. However even with this simplicity one can tell there is much maturity, experience, and understanding. You can tell it’s simple yet advance, the placements and prints hinted at an abstraction bordering on art than the regular printed shirts. Since we were limited by the colours and fabric and printing technique I really wanted to compensate with the graphics.

Designs that are simple yet different. Different from what you would see. Each shirt had to be absolutely different from every shirt in the collection yet maintain a sense of consistency, continuity.

This collection had to really show what JUZD is about, simplicity, elegance, organic, and aggression.

The idea was to use simple base elements, really limit the parameters of the designs. I remember how the artists that worked with me on this project bitched about the limited colours we can use and my demand for adding a piece of gold to every design. I even had many stores tell me that I would sell more if I increased the colours and choices but that would go outside of the concept. Maybe it was a bad business decision. But art and creation motivates me more than money, as does to all true artists. That is why so many of us are starving.

If you looked at the whole collection and were to tell me it’s bland because of the limited colours of the prints and fabric, I will tell "yes I know!" I designed it. It’s deliberate. However do not worry, it is the concept for the first collection not concept for the line.

Therefore the concept for this collection is The Beginning. The beginning of my journey and the beginning of JUZD.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spotted: Nalini Sharma Gets JUZD!

Forecasting Toronto as having awesome fashion sense for the next year, Nalini Sharma shows off her JUZD shirt.

Sharma, a Ryerson alumnus, is known for her frequent appearances on CityNews at 6, CityNews Tonight, Toronto International Film Festivals' 2008 feature: Red Carpet Tonight, as well as on CP24.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Win 2 VIP passes to the Cream Magazine launch party sponsored by JUZD

Come join us to celebrate the launch of Cream Magazine’s winter ’09 issue.

Event features members of the Toronto Raptors and MTV host Nicole Holness. Toronto-based rapper and Flow 93.5 personality Famous, a You Tube sensation who has received media attention with his Barack Obama-inspired rap titled “President Too”, takes to the stage as the event’s host.

Send RSVP to rsvp@juzd.com before Wednesday January 28th, 2009 11:59PM EST and you can be the lucky fan to win 2 free VIP passes to the event. You will have access to the VIP Lounge and hang with all the stars. All VIPS will receive giftbags and win giftaways from notable event supporters, including Z. Kilani, Juzd Clothing, Vitamin Water and Flüd Watches. Exclusive bottle service will be provided by CÎROC, an ultra-premium vodka that has acquired a loyal following among Hollywood’s A-list.


RSVP now by emailing rsvp@juzd.com for your chance to win the 2 VIP passes.

Event: Creamworld Magazine Launch Party
Time: Thursday, January 29th, 2008
10:00pm – 3:00am
Venue: Tryst Nightclub, 82 Peter Street, Toronto ON

RSVP for Guestlist: Email rsvp@juzd.com

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celebrate the prelaunch of Creamworld Magazine - Creamworld Magazine inks national distribution deal -

TORONTO, ON – On Thursday, January 29th (2009), the red carpet will be rolled out in celebration of the launch of Creamworld Magazine’s winter ‘09 issue. Join Creamworld founder/publisher Marcus S. as he welcomes revellers, well-wishers and local celebs, including members of the Toronto Raptors and MTV host Nicole Holness. Toronto-based rapper and Flow 93.5 personality Famous, a You Tube sensation who has received media attention with his Barack Obama-inspired rap titled President Too, takes to the stage as the event’s host.

Since rebranding as a lifestyle publication and inking a national distribution deal with HDS Retail (Relay, Virgin) and Chapters/Indigo/Coles, Creamworld has strengthened its mandate to showcase Canada’s diverse industries, including auto, real estate, design and entertainment.

“Creamworld is a Canadian publication,” states Marcus S. “We understand the importance of supporting Canadian artists. After all, Canada is where we’re from.” Creamworld’s winter ‘09 issue features R & B singer Robin Thicke, a 13-page fashion editorial featuring Canada’s design talent and interviews with pop queen Lady Gaga and Toronto songstress Zaki Ibrahim.

The event will feature gift bags and giveaways from notable supporters, including Z. Kilani, Juzd Clothing, Vitamin Water and Flüd Watches. Models will rock the event, informally modeling the latest creations from lifestyle brand Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. Exclusive bottle service will be provided by CÎROC, an ultra-premium vodka that has acquired a loyal following among Hollywood’s A-list.


What: Creamworld Magazine Launch Party

When: Thursday, January 29th, 2008

10:00pm – 3:00am

Where: Tryst Nightclub, 82 Peter Street, Toronto ON

RSVP: Gillian Downes, publicist

647.222.9054 or gdownes@impossiblediva.com

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

2008, best year of my life! More to come!

It's a quiet lonely Saturday night here in Toronto. Freezing cold outside, the landscape buried in knee high snow. What a prefect night to reflect on life and the year past. 365 days ago and no one really knew who I was. I was really just a regular guy, like the too many millions trying to start their own thing. Now just a year later and WOW, how have things changed. Within a year I've been on TV several times, featured in many magazines, traveled around the world, all the major fashion cities in the US, have some of the most high end stores carry my line, and had my shirt featured predominantly in a national commercial. I have hundreds or maybe even over a thousand people hanging my shirt next to their Christian Audiger, Prada, Armani, and Gucci shirts.

Within 365 days I have celebrities proudly wearing my shirts on the red carpet, on TV, and other places. I have stores contacting me asking to carry my line, contrast a year ago I was knocking on doors of the stores only to have it (slam) closed more quickly than I can introduce myself. It's kind of wild and nothing I expected.

It's odd, I meet people who don't want to talk about themselves but want to hear my stories and adventures. Lot of people I talk to have heard or seen JUZD. People want to take pictures with me! (I'm not that famous, I haven't been asked for an autograph yet)

Last week a model tried on my shirt and her eyes lid up, she shouted with excitement "I really like this!" and I remember a model telling me that "I love modeling for you, I get to model something I would wear." In retrospect I am surprised every time someone sees my shirt and go crazy for it. I think it's nice but not something I would go crazy about... I'm one of those artist who are insecure about his own creations. When I wear my stuff I feel proud but at the same time I feel like one of those designers who hand made their shirt and proudly wears it and think it's the shit while others giggle and just thinks it's shit.

Everything have been mind blowing and amazing and I am bathing in all the attention and limelight. The one thing I envy most of all great artists is that they are able to have everlasting footprint in the history of culture. That is one thing that gets me off, that I have touched culture and I am in the position to influence it. I have an affect to influence the future of culture, of how people dress, of how people feel, and how people think. If you think about that for a moment, it's really crazy.

It is like a dream but it's only the beginning. 2009 is position to be the year that JUZD explodes. I can guarantee that. I have a really great team behind me and and support from a lot of people. We are ready to really take the planet by storm!

Friday, January 16, 2009

LouLou Shopping Magazine Spotlights JUZD

LouLou Magazine, Canada's source for great fashion finds and tips, always treats its readers with party finds and last minute holiday shopping in their December issues. This past December's issue is no different. Amongst the dozens of suggestions for shoppers, one can find a variety of products, including stationary, home decor, makeup, and clothing.

Going all out for this holiday issue, one excitedly notes Valérie Schiltz's two-paged spread of eco-friendly and sustainable products. One of such products listed is the original JUZD shirt. Highlighted as a "fashion favour," Schiltz suggests the designer bamboo tee for the "fashionista who makes a point of encouraging the work of local artisans and takin care of Planet Earth."

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Reality of Reality TV: My experience on a reality show

Many of my friends and people I haven't seen for up to three years see me and say something in the regards of "those guys are asses", "they don't know what they are talking about", or "the show isn't that good". They say this to make me feel better or maybe because they do seem like asses on the Beautiful People reality show. (It's their strategy they told me, they love controversy.) I'm always shock because they think reality TV is reality. It's more TV than reality.

It's a show. I don't get emotional over it but I was only on the show to get some exposure. Did I really want them to give me the $100,000? Hell yeah! But was I really expecting them to? nope.

What really happened was the show called me up and ask me to be on the show. I did some research cooked up a pitch the night before filming got some models and we were good to go.

I went there and met Greg Hodge and Robert Hintze outside sitting there, looking like actors waiting for the shoot. We got into their office but it was more like a film studio then a office. We had to re act the whole experience couple of times so they can capture it. Greg and Robert were really nice. I gave them each a shirt and they wanted for their girlfriends. When I was there they really liked the shirts.
Studio of Beautiful People reality show
We were there for over four hours and they only used 2 minutes?!? I guess that's reality TV. At least the shirts looked really good on TV, don't you think?
Robert Hintez of Beautiful People, Jing Liu of JUZD, Greg Hodge of Beautiful People