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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caring For Your Juzd Clothing

The reality is many people don't know how to wash their clothes properly. Most of us spend a considerable amount on clothing, so it's only natural to maintain our clothes looking new for as long as possible.

Below you will find tips and tricks to keep your Juzd clothes looking new from the day you bought them. These tips can also be applied to all your other clothes as well.

1. When possible wash your clothing in cold water with the washing machine set to gentle. Washing your clothes in cold water minimizes shrinkage and loss of colour. In the event you have stubborn stains that needs to be removed, then you can proceed to lukewarm water.

2. Wash your clothes inside out, it will lengthen the life of the print of the shirt since it reduces the amount of agitation from the spin cycle.

3. Use laundry detergent that is friendly to the colour of the fabric. Since I own mostly dark clothing, I recommend ZERO® by Woolite® For All Darks Detergent which can be found at your local supermarket. It is also the detergent of choice when washing your raw denim to minimize indigo loss. They also make a detergent specifically for light colours as well.

4. It is best to always to air dry your clothing. The drying machine will cause significant shrinkage, fades the print, and unnecessary wrinkles. Ideally you would like to lay the garment flat to prevent stretching around the neck and shoulders from using a hanger. However, if you must use a hanger you should use a smooth wooden hanger or a satin padded hanger. Or if you're eco-friendly like Jing, you will have your own custom bamboo hangers. Metal and plastic hangers typically leave an indent at the shoulder which will deform your clothing around the neck and causes the sleeves to stretch.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to protect your investment and keep your clothes looking new for a long time to come.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Product Model Veronika London - "Damage Control" and "Shoot Me Naked"

Apart from an acting and modeling career, Veronika London has collaborated with Toro-TV to be the host of their new segment “Damage Control”. The synopsis of the show is helping men how to get out of “sticky situation” in either their personal life or work related issues. London’s confident no- drama approach to solving problems, gives viewers a refreshing new look which is bound to cause some controversy. The segments will premier in early 2010 and can be found on www.toromagazine.com. When asked what makes her so qualified to give advice about relationships she said, "My last relationship made me a nutcase, although I will forever thank him for screwing me over. He taught me the best lesson, 'Learn to make myself happy and it's better to be the other woman that gets all the attention.'" In addition, London is releasing an e-book called "Shoot me Naked - changing the Invisible to change the Visible". When we asked her what it was all about she said: "I genuinely want to help people and add value to their lives. I get asked quite frequently how I stay in shape and deal with the pressures of looking a certain way in the entertainment industry. In this e-book I explain how one has to train their mind and have a proper blueprint to condition themselves to thinking a certain way in order to achieve success. Ultimately, your believes and the way one has been conditioned will shape the results of ones outer world, this includes ones image to a certain extent." The e-book will available in the new year on her website www.insidelondon.us.

In the meantime check her out modeling our line over at the JUZD shop.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekly Style: "Face" the Bargains and Happy Holidays!

The JUZD team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! But to advance in on the boxing day sales, we thought we might just share another look with you so that you can keep your eye out for these items in case you don't feel like shopping online.

With the Face shirt, we'd thought that a pair of hot shades, ripped-up denim and an aviator hat should keep you hot for the winter season. Check out what we've found for you below in our redux editon.

Get this look online:

1. Keeping the budget low may be hard, but there are definitely some good deals to be had. Take for instance this pair of Roxy Skyscraper Super Skinny Jeans, which are available for $54.50 USD at Zappos

2. For a hot deal, grab this pair of cat eye sunglasses, which are a new release from Forever 21 for only $5.80 USD.

3. Knit hats are in and are adorable, so why not combine this trend and the aviator trend together? Grab your Norko hat from Fur Hat World, which is proudly Canadian, for $54.95 CDN.

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 10 Streetwear Sites

Let's face it, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and newest releases can be a hassle. But if you want to stay one step ahead of the game, take a look at some of these sites. This is my list of the top 10 must read streetwear sites.

1. www.hypebeast.com

A conglomeration for all your everyday needs. While there is a strong focus on clothing and sneakers, you will find a nice mixture of arts, culture, music, and technology for all your other needs as well.

2. www.complex.com

Provides the latest news in clothing, sneakers, girls, movies, music, and practically everything else you can imagine for your daily dose of lifestyle news.

3. http://denimology.co.uk/

A blog dedicated to denim aficionados. Whether you're into raw denim or a vintage distressed pair of jeans, I'm sure you'll find something here that perks your curiosity. They tend to have photos of celebrities and they let you know where to cop the particular pair of jeans they're rocking.

4. http://tokyofashion.com/

A very interesting site that separates itself from the rest of the pack. While it provides the latest feature in Japanese fashion, my favourite aspect of the site is the Street Snaps section. There you will find random people on the streets of Tokyo and a description of all the latest fashion items they are sporting.

5. http://www.superfuture.com/

Provides maps for various cities around the world. Extremely helpful if you're planning a trip aboard and want to know where are the best places for dining and shopping. There is also a message board filled with a strong community of individuals who are fashion conscious.

6. http://www.osakanines.com

Provides apparel advice from top to bottom and all the accessories you'll need. A different approach to your traditional blogs who tend to feed you the same needs. Instead you'll find a wide array of articles written by the blogger which ranges from raw denim progression to interesting tidbits from across the globe. For more information on raw denim, you can check out Jing Liu's encounter with Naked & Famous founder.

7. http://bbcicecream.com/blog/

Billionaire Boys Club's Official Blog. A great escape from reality where you'll find the latest in technological wonders, architectural marvels, art, music and of course all news related to Pharrell.

8. http://www.upscaleswagger.com/

Upscale Swagger, is a lifestyle of higher living. Upscale Swagger features items on Fashion, Music, Movies, Celebrities, Cars, Real Estate, and other Luxuries.

9. http://stylecrave.com/

Focused more on the luxury lifestyle and clothing, provides a refreshing outlook on the fashion world from a different perspective.

10. http://a-man-fashion.blogspot.com/

A fashion focused on the writing styles of articles for those seeking that polished and refined look. A great place to spot all the latest fashion trends.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Japanese Luxury: Are Those Days Over?

While the global recession has affected countries around the world, it's interesting to see how these tumultuous times has affected everyone else. The Japanese has always been one of the world's biggest spenders in the luxury goods market, however that's all about to change.

In the past, Japanese resorted to conformity rather than individualism in order to fit in with the rest of the hip crowd. They would save every penny in order to purchase that one big ticket item: a pair of rare sneakers or designer handbag. Sacrifices were made to luxury experiences such as a fine meal at a restaurant, a day at the spa, or even a vacation away from home. The Japanese are now as likely to spend their hard earned money on luxury experiences than on luxury goods.

International luxury brands like Versace, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hugo Boss have either closed stores in Japan or made cancellations to store openings. Their survival in Japan were maintained by their strong brand image alone and the necessity to conform with everyone else rocking these luxury items. Now the Japanese are resorting to thrift stores to get their hands at a piece of vintage clothing in order to express individualism. Rather than owning the same luxury brand items in order to fit in, being able to own a piece of vintage clothing that no one else has seems to be a more attractive option. This trend is further described by Jing in The Old New Trend: Vintage. Despite the cultural differences we may have, it's always interesting to see the same trends occurring. Looking broke is the new cool.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Style Redux: One for the Bargain Shopper

Christmas is right around the bend and while we're still searching for presents, we are coming to the end of that bonus that we got from work to use for presents, and scrounging up the pennies that we have left. So when you have little money to work with, here are some other options for you to pair up your JUZD shirt flipped inside out, which is now available at the JUZD shop.

Get this look online:

1. Go for these shiny leggings by Volcom for $38 USD at PacSun.com - these leggings are hard to get a hold of for a decent price, so grab'em while you can!

2. We're going to cut it real close with the budget today by adding the Burton Sly Vest, which retails for $99.95 USD, but it's worth it with its sleek look and faux fur trimmed hood.

3. And last but not least, pick up these cool oversized sunglasses at Forever 21 for only $5.80 USD

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Style Redux: Be Suave With Your Wallet Too

Christmas is around the corner, and while you may be out shopping for others, don't forget about what you want too. There's no need to have to wait for boxing day to treat yourself - hey, you can even use elements from this look as a stocking stuffer to pair with the Corona JUZD shirt that you will be giving this Christmas.

Get this look online:

1. For the slim figure, try on the BDG Shrunken Blazer, which is available at Urban Outfitters for $68 USD

2. Keeping on the $150 budget, add some denim into your outfit with the Crease & Frayed jean from Heritage1981 for $32.90 USD

3. And finally, keep your cool with this pair of Dymytrov sunglasses for only $12 USD at Aldo

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot!

Ever wonder what it's like to be a photoshoot? Well have your curiosity quenched as JUZD's lead designer, Jing Liu, takes you behind the scenes of the fall/winter product photoshoot with filming courtesy of our friends at The Biz Media. With the mic in hand, Jing also gets opinions from others working on the shoot. Check out the video below:

Now that you've seen the behind the scenes, be sure to make your presence on the fashion scene by purchasing your own JUZD Fall/Winter 09-10 shirt today.

Photographer: Jason Wong
Models: Veronika London, Tazito Parafuzinho, Jonathan Steen
JUZD Team: Katrina Hernandez, Barb Leung, Jing Liu, Anna Nguyen, Han Su Yan
Studio: G3 EPOCH Studios
Filming: The Biz Media

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2010 is the year Ed Hardy officially dies

2010 is the year Ed Hardy officially dies. I've heard a lot from people in the industry that Ed Hardy is ugly and that it's too busy and so forth. It's easy to hate on Ed Hardy but the truth is that the aesthetics are not inherently awful. Yes, some of them were and they especially were hideous when the brand sold out and tried to milk the trend as much as it could.

People in the fashion industry hate Ed Hardy and it's rumored that people who are into tattoos do not wear the brand. But it was a craze, and Christian Audiger made a lot of money it from it. More money than he made from Von Dutch. The fact is that they over sold it, they licensed everything out. Like a pyramid scheme the last to enter will be the big losers.

Being in the industry I know a lot about Ed Hardy that the consumers don't know. They just see their pieces everywhere and thinks it's cool. Now they are starting to clue in and the sales of anything Ed Hardy have dropped. The stores to whom I've spoken have not ordered anything Ed Hardy for spring and are desperately trying to get rid of the current inventory.

In addition if you look at the new Ed Hardy designs you'll notice that the style have changed. And the logo has changed too. It is usually not a good sign when a brand changes his style and logo. Very few lines are able to reposition themselves successfully and when you are such a well known brand and is so strongly associated with something it'll be impossible for you to change.

Whatever happens, though, there is no denying that Christian Augdier is a great marketer.
Check out a photo of myself and him at the Project show, one of the most read post.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Old New Trend: Vintage

I read that the inspiration for the current flannel craze originated from thrifty hipsters getting their shirts for cheap from second hand stores. Now all the lines are going after that has been and washed up look. Even though the "vintage and distressed" look has always been in vogue, you will see a lot more in the upcoming seasons, especially since the recession has put a lot more emphasis back on used and worn-out clothing.

The whole hipster scene has dramatically influenced fashion. This style is about being chill and looking cheap, but it is completely contradicted by the cost of some of these "vintage" shirts. It isn't cheap to look "cheap." The amount of effort and the process that goes into producing a shirt that looks old is actually one that ends up costing a lot.

Click here to check out my listing of the top 7 trends of the coming season.

Weekly Style Redux: Outfits for less than $150!

In August, we went all out and suggested splurging on a leather jacket from Mackage. But with Christmas coming around the corner, you're sure to have spent that saved up money on gifts for your loved ones. No need to fret, because the JUZD team is offering fashionable buys to style your favorite Fico's Crest shirt but all for a total of under $150.

Get this look online:

1. It's always hard to shop for jackets, but let's give our best. If you shop at outlets, you can sometimes score a great deal. Check out this men's buffalo leather jacket available for only $58.88 USD at Leather Coats etc., as opposed to its retail price of $180.

2. Try on this great pair of Levi's 505 jeans, which are a great wash and sit well on the body with its straight leg cut. Available at Langston's for $29.97 USD.

3. Being a great steal at just under $18, we think that you should be sporting the Heritage1981 fedora hat that we suggested last time for the Fico's Crest shirt.

And there you have it! We managed to include for you a hot deal on a jacket and have everything total to just under $120 (not including taxes). Stay tuned for more low-cost, yet just as stylish, outfits!

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Score: Checking out the new Canada Basketball Line

The JUZD team last updated you on the Canada Basketball shirts with the down-lo on the new line, as well as a friends and family offer. Last week, The Score caught up with several representatives of Canada Basketball, including designer Jing Liu, to get their thoughts on the shirts. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bay Olympic Collection is on point!

I finally checked out the Bay on Queen Street yesterday. Haven't been in this place for maybe a decade? Wow, that's a long time!

I remember when I was a kid and crossing that Eaton Centre tunnel to enter the bay and go through all the cool stuff I can't afford. I remember going there 5-6 times just to buy a pair of Hush Puppies.

Always I was finally there again, was told they are trying to move upscale. They picked up some high end brands like Desigual, great detailing! Other stuff was pretty much expected.

What caught my attention was the Canadian Olympic collection from HBC. From the commercials I thought the design of the shirts were kind of neat but thought that the collection wouldn't be good, you know, it is the Bay after all. Their reputation for picking up good brands aren't that good. And their reputation for design is non existent. But have to say I really like the collection, well half of it anyways. I was surprised that they did all these pieces without "Canada" or "Olympics" splattered all over it. I mean I'm sure they paid quite a penny for the rights. But they have these nice parkas with just a tiny patch on it.
As well they got these nice classic knitted sweaters as well as flannel shirts. From the look of it it doesn't have anything to do with the Olympics then you realize that these are classic Candiana designs. Kudos to them.

But of course they have to have these stupid tees with Canuk all over it. Unlike the other items I will not be linking to it because you shouldn't be buying it!!
Want more Canada stuff in time for the Olympics? Check out the Canada Basketball shirts I designed. Proceeds goes to our athletes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Lines Worth Checking Out!

Hi, my name is Luisa and I’m working with Jing and JUZD as part of my co-op program at school. This opportunity has broadened my knowledge of fashion and the fashion world. I was just looking around for other cool brands; I came across 3 interesting companies. The first one is MERC London; you may know them for their trademark Target. MERC London obviously came out of London, England and their style has been recognized for over 40 years. I like MERC because of their simple yet lasting designs; cool colours and tailored approach. I think MERC is definitely a label to look out for in Toronto.

Another brand I think is really cool is Jack and Jones from Sweden. Their super hip denim wear perfectly complements their awesome t-shirts and vice versa. All the clothes look really comfortable but not comfortable like lounging clothes. These shirts and pants are great for going out; the shirts bright and eye-catching and the pants are fitted and have awesome washes. I wouldn’t mind showing up at a party looking like this!

I’m glad I found this brand from London as well. Firetrap has a really chic look to it, everything is tailored with an edge to it. Firetrap belongs to a whole line of underground labels catering to the unconventional youth of London. Their super edgy designs caught my eye and their collections are dark. These jackets are really cool and I’d be pretty happy if I found some of their items in Toronto.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Style: Boho Meets Punk

Fusing together the looks boho headscarves and punk boots, you can definitely be unique on the street. Don't take the look too far though otherwise people will think of you as a fashion blunder, as opposed to genius. Stick to plain shirts and perhaps a pair of shimmery leggings/tights to spice things up. Our shirt suggestion? JUZD, of course. With a simple grey v-neck, you are sure to keep the look cool.

Get this look online:

1. Yes, the shirts are in! Get your grey bamboo longsleeve at the JUZD shop now for $54.05 CDN

While we couldn't find a scarf similar to the one in the picture, silk/polyester scarves also work great to get the bohemian effect. Try on this scarf from Careta Imports, which retails for $65 CDN

3. Shimmery and patterned leggings/tights are in right now. So grab your pair of shimmer opaque tights from American Apparel for only $15 USD!

4. Turn up the attitude with a pair of MIA Dusty boots, which retails for $73 USD at Zappos.

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Just a Sex Icon, London also has Jolie's raw attitude in her next Indie Feature Film "Jane Doe"

London's next project will be sure to put her on the map and showcase her acting abilities. The title character, Jane Doe, played by Veronika London (Showtime's "Body Language," HBO series "Lingerie" and our lovely product model!) is a young prostitute and heroin addict found by paramedics laying on the street in a pool of blood. She is the victim of a violent altercation which leaves her with a severe head injury. Stricken by amnesia and struggling with her heroin addiction, she is on a quest to discover her identity, but most importantly who did this to her and why. Along her quest she comes along several characters from her past and the clues to the answers she seeks slowly come to light, revealing many horrible truths. With this information, feelings of curiosity quickly turn to a thirst for retribution."Jane Doe" goes into production in January 2010 with principal photography lasting 30 days. The majority of the film will be shot in Toronto, Canada with additional scenes to be shot in Los Angeles.

For more information on Veronika's new movie, check out www.janedoemovie.com.

And while you are waiting for this movie to be finished and released, be sure to check out the JUZD Shop as we will soon be selling our fall/winter collection, for which Veronika modeled.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friends and Family Offer for all Fashion. Style. Culture. Readers

As promised, we have the friends and family coupon to offer to you - our dear reader. This offer allows you to save 10% off your preorder purchase. And in the spirit of giving, please note that 10% of proceeds from each shirt purchase will benefit the Canadian Basketball Foundation - a registered charitable organization seeking to grow all aspects of the game.

And remember: the designs are only limited to 75 per shirt, so get hurry and get yours now!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canada Basketball launches "CB Classic Collection" with shirts designed by Jing Liu

It's about time that the awesome wicking fabric, otherwise known as bamboo, be brought to the world of sports. JUZD's Jing Liu with Toronto designer Terence Chung recently designed a collection of limited edition graphic tees (125 per style) for the CB (Canada Basketball) Authentic label. The series, consisting of five shirts, pays homage to the traditions and milestones of Canada Basketball, which was established in 1923.

The shirts themselves each have a distinctive look and feel with the use of several design treatments, such as flocking and plastisol. In addition to such, each shirt is given a creative name: CB Club, Game Night, The Kid, Seven, and Olympic, which features a reproduction of the maple leaf from the 1936 Berlin Olympics where Canada won a silver medal.

These shirts will be available starting from November 20 at three locations: Centre Sports at the Air Canada Centre, The Sport Gallery, and the CB website (http://shop.basketball.ca). However, to share with our readers, we will be sharing a friends and family discount, which will allow you to save 10% on your preorder.

So stay tuned!

Sold Exclusively at:
Canada Basketball - http://www.Basketball.ca

The Sport Gallery - http://www.TheSportGallery.com
Toronto Distillery
55 Mill St., Building 32, Suite 103
Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4
(416) 861-8514

Centre Sports - http://www.TheAirCanadaCentre.com
Air Canada Centre
40 Bay St
Toronto, ON M5J 2X2
(416) 815-5500

Weekly Re-Style: Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo looks fantastic for having her baby daughter Stella only a month ago!! Most new mothers don't have a second to spare, however Ellen didn't do half bad with her outfit on this day.
The outfit is easy to fix! You just need to re-style her in something that can brighten it up, the trick is to accomplish this in a subtle way. Switch the boring black tee for a Juzd crewneck with the honoury number 25 on it. The touch of gold add that missing piece to the outfit. You can find this t-shirt and more on Juzd online store. Always pair a bold tee with other classic items. With stating this rule of thumb, I think a fabulous Silence and Noise boyfriend tweed blazer will set her aside while keeping her classy. The booties and boyfriend jeans are a must for anyone's closet this fall, so I am keeping them on. Although Ellen usually carries around her go-to-wallet, I'd love to swap it up for a cute purple marc by marc jacobs shoulder bag.
And off she goes. . .

Monday, November 9, 2009

La Mimi Interviews Jing Liu of JUZD

Filmed by friends over at TheBizMedia, Mimi over at La Mimi recently interviewed lead designer Jing Liu for an up close and personal look at the fashion line that has made its way to the TIFF '08 Tastemakers Lounge and the recent LG Fashion week. After a little Q&A, Mimi went for a wardrobe change and tried on a JUZD shirt herself, and absolutely loved the feel of the shirt.

Weekly Style: Be Original. Be JUZD

To be a guy and to pull off a hot pink, you need to be radiating out confidence and attitude. Nothing speaks better of these two qualities than a pair of ripped jeans with a great fade, casual Converse shoes, and a crazy graphic on your shirt.

Get this look online:

1. For a something that fits your credit card budget and your body, try on the Levis Matchstick, which is a slim straight fit with small tears. Available now on sale at SSENSE for $128 USD

2. Chucks can be worn by anyone. But step up yours with a bit of class by sporting a pair of Converse by John Varvatos. The low profile leather ox is sure to keep your look fresh at $125 USD from Zappos

3. And if you have long hair than our product model, be sure to style it with Gatsby Moving Hair Wax, which you can find in specialty hair product stores or online on Amazon.com for $10 USD

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style

Friday, November 6, 2009

JUZD Shows LG Fashion Week that Men do, in fact, Gotstyle

Today marks two weeks since the huge tent down in Liberty Village showed off beautiful fashion lines and designs to media and fashionistas for LG Fashion Week. As a part of the jam-packed (both lineup and audience wise) Gotstyle menswear fashion show, JUZD strutted down the runway with a fierce energy to showcase one of the many styles that Gotstyle sells at the store on King St. W. With looks, such as geek and chic, as well as fancy and sleek, JUZD took care of the urban and hot look. And despite it being a menswear show, our female shirt definitely did make its way into the lineup.

Images courtesy of LG Fashion Week., credit George Pimentel

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Style: Race To Be Simple, Yet Chic

Even though patterns have been hot these past couple of seasons, everyone can still go for solids, even JUZD. So think of picking up your basic blue JUZD shirt, which will be available soon, and pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and heels. That way, you can ride your bike (maybe store the heels when you're riding down the highway) and not worry as much as you normally would (with JUZD's crazy designs, of course) about distracting drivers with your great fashion sense.

Get this look online:

1. Grab your black skinny jean fix with the Ava Star jeans by Citizens of Humanity for $158 USD at SSENSE
2. Slip into these Ginger T-Strap heels from Urban Outfitters for $68 USD. Order them online today, since they're only available on the web!

3. Serious about riding? Try on Joe Rocket's Women Jet Set gloves for $59.99 USD at Motorcycle Giant

Click here for more JUZD Weekly Style