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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chris Bosh loves JUZD shirts

Chris Bosh of the Raptors and one of the top NBA players have been one of the biggest supporter of JUZD. Chris Bosh have been a three-time NBA All-star and have been named to the All-NBA team. He also was on the US national team which won gold the 2008 Olympics. Here's a video of him wearing his JUZD shirt.

This video will be broadcast on the Score tonight during the Raptors game. It's also featured on www.Raptors.com, and will be feature on Raptors TV.

Like everyone else he fell in love with JUZD shirts when he first felt it. Thanks for the love Chris!

Monday, November 17, 2008

JUZD Streetwear LA Fashion Week Fashion Show Oct 17th 2008

JUZD Streetwear showcased it's hot collection at the LA Fashion Week 2008 on Friday October 17th 2008 at TaTou Lounge in downtown Los Angeles.

In attendance was Estelle, DJ Questlove of The Roots, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, and Sway!

LA Fashion Week - Behind the scenes photos

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos from the JUZD Streetwear LA Fashion show at TaTou Friday October 17th 2008 during LA Fashion Week.

Estelle was there and she got JUZD! Jing Liu, Lead Designer for JUZD Streetwear, Nico, Marketing Director for Versus, and Estelle.

DJ Questlove of The Roots was spinning hot tunes all through the night.

Sway DaSafo, winner of the 2006 BET Hip Hop act of the award and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heros.

Travis McCoy, focused on his work.

Travis and DJ Irie aka Jamie Foxx's personal DJ. DJ Irie also DJs for Pepsi.

Here are some photos of the wicked crowd we had. It was an amazing party.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Toronto Fashion Week JUZD Photoshoot

On Thursday October 23rd for the Toronto Fashion Week JUZD Streetwear did a live photoshoot at Rockwood Club. It was quite a success with some of the most amazing JUZD styling and photos. Check it out.

Photographer: Jason Wong
Stylist: Flerida Suero
Make up and hair: SOMA (School of Make-up Art)
Mike Santaguida
Vlada V.
Deniz Reno
Craig Henry
Grace Paulino
Tom Hsiao

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Photos from LA Fashion Week featuring JUZD Streetwear

On Friday October 17th 2008. JUZD Streetwear had its US debut during fashion week at one of the fashion capitals of the work, Los Angeles. Sharing the spotlight was two other LA based lines, LRG and Factory Girl.

Performances include DJ ?uestlove of the Roots and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. DJ for the event was DJ Irie, personal DJ for Jamie Foxx, Pepsi, and Miami Heat.

The event was supposed to be held at the much talked about Versus club in downtown LA but due to last minute issues it was moved to TaTou also in downtown LA.