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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Magic, Project, Pool, and now Slate

August 25th to August 28th was the MAGIC week in Las Vegas for 2008, North America’s biggest fashion tradeshow. This year JUZD Bamboo showcased it’s wears at the Pool show. When I first started I tried finding the clear difference between the shows but I was unsuccessful.

From my experience I can tell you the clear cut differences between each show.

MAGIC – The biggest show of them all, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Most of the major brands are here. The average size of the booths are at least 800 square feet. This show covers everything from sportswear to formal wear to big label streetwear and even an outsourcing section. If you are a small player don’t even think about it. You’ll be overshadow by all the oversize booths. Retail tees from $20-$70. Mainly the lower and mid range.

POOL - This is for new brands and brands tailor to the Threadless type of customers. The younger crowd who like clever graphics and saying on tees. A lot of the shirts are Blanks from American Apparel with prints over it. Each design and concept is different from another. In addition these brands don’t have their name or logo on it. I see all of these brands as commodities because of that. I don’t understand why buyers would choose one over another.

There were also big brands that chase after this market, brands such as TokiDoki and Alternative Apparel which once again was the major sponsor for POOL. Retail tees from $20-$40.

PROJECT – Project which takes place at Sands Expo has the high end streetwear. Aim at the contemporary market this is where most of the brands are found. And this show is happening. Most of the people I know are in this show and they tell me that it was crazy. The first day they didn’t even had time to have lunch. They were busy taking orders left and right. This is a major contrast to the floor at POOL, especially where we were at, it was like a ghost town. Retail tees from $40-over $150.

SLATE – This year MAGIC had a new section to compete with PROJECT. It’s called SLATE. This is where the higher brands are. This was created to compete with PROJECT I would guess but all of the shows are owned by the same company. The layout is strikingly similar to PROJECT with individual booths section off. Large company branding is not allow so each booth is similar to the next. However the brands here are gangster urban brands. Not the premium streetwear of PROJECT. Retail tees are from $40-$70.

Eco sections – POOL was known for their eco section until now. JUZD was in the POOL’s eco section and the traffic was dead. This year MAGIC started their own eco section and all the big and even the smaller ones showcased there. They had live performances of hippie music which made the place sound like a funeral than a lively clothing show.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What’s falling from the Fashion skies this FALL?

Anything and everything seems to be “in”. Confidence is always in style and if you have that then you can rock anything.

Warm colors such as deep reds, oranges, greens and navies seem to be fall staples. I’ve seen the old school sweaters with patch crest making a comeback and I may just have to bring back my mom’s school sweater out- now that’s true vintage! (below Tommy Hilfiger blazer)

I haven’t seen too many big or skinny belts as much as I use to, so I guess I should return my mom’s belts - I’m sure in 10 years I’ll pull it out of storage again. That’s the beauty of fashion, it’s recyclable. Every season it could be just a subtle change with big fashion implications! Little accessory upgrades really do make a difference and classic pieces will never go out of style - dress it up or dress it down and make it your own. RuPaul definitely was on to something when he said “We are born naked; everything else is drag”.
3.1 Phillip Lim Ready-to-Wear fall fashion show consisted of long and flowing pieces. Gone are our summer dresses and barely there ensembles and out come the pants and long skirts! If you don’t have a significant other, you could give your razors a break but don’t get carried away like Miranda from the Sex and The City Movie ;) Lim had an equestrian type look and feel to his collection with tall boots and hats that Peter Pan would be envious of! His collection screamed classic but had a unique twist. After seeing his show, I definitely want to upgrade my wardrobe! (below is a photo from 3.1 Phillip Lim's RTW fashion show 2008)

On the streets and in the stores I’ve seen a lot of prints, stripes, florals and scarves everywhere!

As much as I hate saying goodbye to summer, I always welcome an excuse to upgrade the wardrobe!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NYC get's JUZD this fall!

The New Agenda is a “lifestyle magazine for the socially conscious”. JUZD’s photo (displayed above) will be featured in this fall's premiere magazine. Jing Liu, lead designer, of JUZD talked to the creators of the magazine this past July; he will also be featured in the premiere issue. Grab your copy this fall to see how NYC got JUZD!

Monday, August 18, 2008

PK Session at Gotstyle

At 10:30 on a saturday, while others were getting over hangovers or meeting for an early brunch, four dedicated members of the JUZD team headed over to Gotstyle to do a product knowledge session. The store was impeccably merchandised with beautiful displays, located on trendy King West, almost right across the street from the Brant House. After some refreshments, the four of us and three sales associates settled down to business. Jing began by explaining the fabric, the benefits of the bamboo fiber, and how fourth generation bamboo is currently exclusive to us in North America. We went through the washability & durability of the fabric, as well as the sustainability of the print. Together with Yvonne, he took the associates through the design concepts, the gorilla legend of 1898 & the type of customer we target. As JUZD is only sold at Got Style, Holts & Green is Black, they are currently one of the only physical retailers to carry the line. The sales associates seemed very enthusiastic about the line, the edginess and eco-friendliness of the product, and even hinted at the possibility of carrying our woman's line as well! With the beautiful JUZD packaging, it would be perfect for the boyfriend or husband to grab a matching shirt for their girlfriend of wife. Perfect for birthdays or the holiday season coming up. All in all, it was great to be able to share the information we have lived and breathed for months on end, with those we have trusted to pass it on to the most important people of all: our customers.

Holt Renfrew sold 20% of its first batch of JUZD shirts in less than 5 days!

If 5 days of sale is any indication of the future, JUZD is expected to be a overwhelming success. In less than 5 days of having the first batch of JUZD shirts in the Holt Renfrew locations, 20% of it has been sold.

"Looks like a pretty good start" says Brent Weisgerber, Merchandise Associate of Holt Renfrew.

"When something starts with a pop like that, it’s usually something very good. Having 20% sellthrough for a product in just 5 days means that it's obviously made a very powerful impact." commented Mira Saraf the Operations Manager of JUZD who has over 6 years of retail experience in the fashion industry.

What may be most surprising of all was that there was no marketing budget, no big campaign beforehand which financially backed brands do to build up the demand before a launch.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


On Monday August 4, 2008 Jing was featured on Edmonton's EZ Rock Morning Show.

Take a listen to hear about all the many benefits JUZD bamboo has to offer!


Get JUZD at EcoSavvy Festival this Saturday!

With summer starting to wind down, Toronto is still pumping out festivals until the summer dog days are over and best part is, most of them are free to attend!

In the heart of North York, visit Mel Lastman Square between 11am-9pm, to see what's happening at the FREE EcoSavvy Festival! Going green is not just a trend but a lifestyle, come discover local sustainable businesses and learn from guest speakers and see how you can contribute to a better tomorrow. Learn about new and innovative products, food and enjoy live music. Did we mention it's FREE!
JUZD is a proud sponsor of the EcoSavvy Festival. Click here for your chance to win a JUZD bamboo shirt at the Festival!

JUZD now in Yorkdale and Bloor Holt Renfrew

Yesterday was an exciting day for the staff at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale and Bloor street. They finally received their first shipment of the JUZD shirts. Marc Baudendistel the Yorkdale store manager was so excited about the product that he organized a Product Knowledge session not only with the mens contemporary department with but many of the other sections and staff members as well. During the Product Knowledge session Jing Liu and Yvonne Kai introduced the Holt Renfrew staff to the brand and the JUZD experience.

First shipment of JUZD shirts have already been shipped to the Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal locations. Second shipment to follow in a few days. The last shipment will be out in a little over a week. Watch out for it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

How Jay-Z killed a legend

I'm often asked what designers I look up to. This is one of the questions that stump me. The reason is that most of the brands that do graphic on shirts I don't like. There is lack of design integrity as each season and within the same season. That is why I started JUZD. However there is one brand I used to respect a lot.

Artful Dodgers. I don't wear their stuff, not my style. But as a designer specializing on graphics on clothing, they really impressed me with their attention to detailed and the intrinsic designs.

When the news of Jay-Z was buying the Artful Dodgers spread, there was much uproar about it losing it's authenticity. I didn't it would. Why would such a smart businessmen kill a legendary brand? With his business sense he would help grow it and make it more popular. Kudos to him.

To my disgust when I saw the new Artful Dodger's collection at Project NYC. Not only did the line looked plain and boring the prices had dropped too. The sales rep told me that they were planning to lower the prices before Jay-Z bought it out. Artful Dodgers are ARtful Dodgers no more. It's just another Roca Wear design spin off.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

JUZD exhibiting in Las Vegas' Pool Tradeshow August 25-27th!

The much anticipated fashion event of the summer is weeks away and JUZD is getting ready to showcase and exhibit our collection!

The Pool tradeshow was established in 2001 for the boutique market and better retailers world-wide. Over 350+ brands show their merchandise to influential buyers for boutique shops across the world. New products from emerging designers and established brands showcase men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, accessories and even products from art, music to home products. This is where trends are started and where many new designers launch their new collection. Fashion forward is the name of the game and JUZD is gearing up to become a serious competitor!

It’s easy to see why buyers get excited for this semi-annual event; each and every tradeshow is different. This year JUZD is excited to be part of the eco-line section where we will introduce the world to bamboo’s first designer label. Come stop by and say hi; we’ll be at booth #1409. We can’t wait to go to Vegas and we hope Vegas is ready to get JUZD!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learn what inspires the JUZD designs!

Theresa Laurico from Asian Inspiration talks to Jing about the JUZD collection and brand. Find out where Jing got his Asian Inspiration from - originally aired on RogersTV.

Asian Inspiration takes a look at Asian culture in the Greater Toronto area. The reporters profile up to date events, fashion, culture, people, health and lifestyle. Asian Inspiration airs Thursdays at 11:30am and Saturdays at 4:30pm.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jing Guest Stars on Controversial Beautiful People Reality Show

Today I guest starred on the new Slice Network Beautiful People reality show. The show follows Greg Hodge and Robert Hintze the creator of BeautifulPeople.net as they launch their dating and networking service in Canada.

BeautifulPeople.net is a pretty cool concept. It's a dating and networking site where you have to be approved by its members to get in. It's been receiving a lot of criticism from the press especially the Canadian press. Canada is pretty PC says Greg. In watching their press coverage in the US the media (including the likes of CNN, Donny Deutsch, and The View) argues that the site is superficial and the people on it are neurotic. In addition it perpetrates the image of skinny supermodels which provide bad role models to kids who starve themselves to look like them. And it goes on and on.

My take is that, it's a site that provides a more efficient way for people to meet. People who are good looking looking for other good looking people. As for the accusation of people being on the site being neurotic, I agree that maybe some of the people are overdoing it with plastic surgery and working out everyday at the gym but most are people just taking care of their body. I would say that I am more concern for the people who DON'T respect their body and who are overweight or have poor glooming that don't make the cut. I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to get any, most of us average people looks good in several angles, with a make up artist and a good photographer I'm sure most people in decent shape would be able to get in.

I was on the show to do a pitch for them to partner up with JUZD. They love the idea of JUZD. To see the pitch and outcome, watch Beautiful People on Slice network this Fall.
(Robert Hintze of BeautifulPeople.net, Jing Liu of JUZD, Greg Hodge of BeautifulPeople.net)

Watch the episode:

Male Model: Jesse Scott
Female Model: Gladys Enriquez
Make-up Artist: Andrea Kertesz

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jing at Project Show New York City Summer 2008

(Ronnie Comia of Cabana Group, Yuichi Ishii of Connected Showroom LA, Marck Marcellus the creative director of Goldspun, Me, and the rest of Goldspun crew.)

Made a quick 2 day trip to New York City for the Project Show which took place at the Javits Center. There was a bunch of shows going on including the super exclusive Capsule and some others like Blue and Collective.

Pretty fun, met up with a lot of friends and met a lot new ones. I squeezed quite a bit into those two days. Started off at the Project Show, streetwear clothing. When I got there saw my good friend from LA Yuichi Ishii. Last time I saw him in Las Vegas he was living in Japan and working as a buyer for his friend's Tokyo store Panty. He's back in LA and working for his buddy at Connected showroom. Here he's repping a NYC brand, Goldspun.

Saw the Dom Rebel boys Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen, repping Canada. They won't be joining me at the clubs tonight, Justin got to go back the hotel to finish some designs and send it back to Montreal for production.

Got this stylish fodora from Erwin of Goorin. A line that dates back to 1895 and now made by four designers in the Bay area. Available at Holt Renfrew. Also checked out the latest collection from Greedy Genius. Met Derek Levy and Mr. TranSITO. Pretty cool guys. Now I'm off to the Capsule Show in the historic Angel Orensanz Catherial.

Pretty exclusive, this tiny location (tiny compared to the convention centre of the Javits Center) on the south east part of Manhattan just east of SOHO houses only 50 brands. Difficult to get in and spots only open when a brand leaves. Met with Nicole to show her JUZD. Maybe I have a chance to get in.

Check out this cool necklace sonvenir they gave out.

This place was steaming! No AC small location tight spots and lots and lots of people. I was sweating just standing in there. Checked out this cool brand Alexander Olch. Make ties and suspenders. Before I can check out more got a Blackberry message from my friend to go to the Universial Gear, they want to "take a look at JUZD" and "speak to JD, go back he leaves at 6pm."

Took a quite look and I jetted.

On my second day met with Darrly Calmese the photographer and Stefanos Chen for an upstar NYC magazine called Alex the Magazine. I was there and posted for some pics and finally met Darryl and Stephanos in person. They wanted to do a piece on JUZD bamboo clothing.

Spent rest of the days checking SOHO area. Man, I love this city. I feel more at home here than I do in Toronto. Finish the night by partying it up at Manison Nightclub. Lots of people on a Tuesday night. Met up with all guys again at the club.

Can't for for MAGIC week in Las Vegas! Doing all this over again!

(And I got a custom made JUZD hat off the streets of SOHO in New York City. Didn't turn out too good as I ask him to do the logo and not his usually stuff. Note to self, let others do what they do best.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dualité - Montreal Fashion Blog

Toronto-based JUZD Bamboo Answers Some Questions
Posted in Designers by Dahlia on July 31st, 2008

Every so often at my blog, I get requests in writing about a new designer for sake of promotions. But as I’m still in the course of developing a certain point of view, I decided to put one of them to the test by asking some more serious questions. I get tired of run of the mill “So what’s the name of your brand? How did you become a designer?” yadda yadda, they can sum that up in a nice little biography for all I care.
After being happy to find out about my Ecco sandals’ provenance, I wanted to know if clothing brands would do the same in revealing where their clothes were made and what were their ethical standards.

Well, Toronto-based JUZD (pronounced “joost”) Bamboo is a particular case - it’s an unknown urban street wear designer that has been recently picked up by Holt Renfrew. I asked them a couple of serious questions and I was surprised by the thorough responses and learned a thing or two, it gave me some hope that there are brands out there who aren’t afraid of answering questions that are really relevant to the fashion industry. Jing Liu, Chief Designer of JUZD, happily answered my questions. Read on:

Q: Where are the clothes made (in Canada? China? India?)? And if you’re outsourcing overseas, is JUZD upkeeping labor law standards and why not keep jobs (and quality control) here in Canada?

It is made in China. China has the most advance textile technology and spends a lot on research and development. In addition the supply and qualityof bamboo is plentiful in China. It is made in a city that is rated as one of the ten best cities in China. However a lot of the assembly is here in Canada and all the staff and contractors (excluding some designers) are here in Canada.
I have visited the factories and the technology required for creating these clothing is very advance. The facilities are clean and staff are treated well. My mom used to work in a clothing factory here in Toronto and honestly the facility in China is much cleaner and I would say safer.
From a personal standpoint I was born and spent most of my early childhood in China. This is one way for me to give back to my people.

(Dahlia’s note: As an Asian person, I’ve heard of “giving back” to our mother country very often from other asians in different businesses. There’s much sense of pride in giving back to your home country, and to hear that from a designer is pretty interesting to note.)

Q: How is bamboo fabric “eco-conscious” (i.e.: Aren’t bamboo trees part of the environment? How does it compare in being eco-friendly from the likes of cotton or wool?), and with so many brands pulling the eco-friendly card on consumers, what makes this brand stand out?

Bamboo is the most sustainable plant. It is consider a grass and grows up to one metre within 24 hours (Dahlia’s note: this is actually confirmed on Wiki if you were skeptical). It reaches maturity in just six months. Bamboo is antibacterial so it does not require pesticide. In fact the antibacterial characteristic is transferred when it is made into a fabric so it kills body odour and bacteria. It can grow in almost any environmental and soil condition. When cut it regenerates itself, this is seen when you cut a bamboo stick, it will grow on both ends. Growing bamboo actually enriches the soil unlike cotton which takes nutrients from the soil. Lastly bamboo consume four times more carbon dioxide than trees which creates a cleaner environment.
You can find our research article on bamboo here: http://www.juzdbamboo.com/benefitsofbamboo.php

JUZD is different in that we are not about jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. The use of bamboo is secondary to the design philosophy of respecting nature and the power of the human. Another big difference compare to other “eco” brands is that JUZD designs are edgy, aggressive, and fashionable. This targets a segment of consumers that have been traditionally ignore by eco-conscious brands. Lastly a great amount of attention is paid to the quality and standard of the clothing pieces hence creating pieces that are luxurious and comfortable instead low cost and low quality.

Now I know you’d have to be hardcore granola and a major treehugger if you really want the nitty gritty about the provenance of bamboo fabric. So I found a site that pretty much will answer most of your questions about it.
To sum it up, bamboo itself is way more environmentally friendly than growing cotton or any other textile plant, and it has loads of benefits. The only reservation one might have is how it is actually produced (not labor wise, but how it’s made in the factories) that may be criticized. Now this goes well into the textile industry and I certainly don’t have much say on ethics in creating fabric (that’s a whole other realm altogether). Just know that the fashion industry is whole lot deeper than people are led to believe :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is what I call shear raw determination

"Do you want to schedule the delivery for Monday or Tuesday?" asked Wilma of Holt Renfrew.

I should be thankful, according to the manual, I have to book delivery appointments 48 hours in advance. So that would be late Wednesday, Monday being a holiday. So I blurred out "I want to do the delivery today."

"But our receiving dock closes at 3:30."

"Yea I can make it" without realizing where the exact location is or knowing if I have everything prepared.

"Well.... I can make the appointment for you but are you sure you can be here in an hour?"

Of course I'm not sure. An hour is pretty tight and where the heck is the Holt Renfrew distribution centre anyways. And what's the traffic like going there. So I blurred out "Yea I can make it"

Doubtful she says to me "well, if you can't make it please give us a call."

"So...what documents do I need to prepare?"

After talking with the buyer about the situation in China yesterday he said it's best to send part of the order now. And I have in stock one of the JUZD shirts. I would normally settle for Wilma's option of delivering it on Monday, less risk, take it easy. But a talk with a close friend of mine last night set my motivation ablaze.

Over dinner I told her that one of the magical things I discovered was that if I set a goal no matter how impossible I think it is, if I set that goal and focus all my energy into it, magically I would achieve it. Like getting my line into Holt Renfrew. She said that's one of the traits she admired about her ex-boss, he's an amazing salesperson and when he wants things done it gets done.

People call it "laws of attraction", "Spontaneous Fulfillment", and other neat names. To me it's just shear raw determination. In its most basic element you can see it in athletes when he's determined to do nothing else but win. Willing to sacrifice his body just to edge closer to the goal. This is why when EDI first started they hired ex high school and college athletes for salesperson and during the tech bubble some of these guys were making more money than the CEO and they were totally worth it.

I've seem to lost that determination, having so much to worry about that I don't even know what my goals are anymore. What better goal to get me back on track than to get my shipment here for Holt Renfrew. There's a cancellation period in the fashion industry. If your goods doesn't get to the buyer at the end of this date the order is automatically canceled. And I'm getting very close to mine.

So last night I called my agent and told him to packaged another set of shirts and send it by express with another company, try to send it outside the city, do what you can. "But it's very expensive" he saids. And he's right it's $1,600 for a few hundred shirts. That adds almost $5 a shirt which is a lot of money.

But my goal wasn't to make or save money, my determination was focused on getting the shirts here. "I don't care! Just get it here. Even if the first shipment clears custom, send the second one anyways. I'll fly back there and drag it onto the plane with me if I have to!"

I didn't stop there, in the morning I searched for different freight companies. contacted one I used before and got them to start working on getting my shipment here too. I called several times and asked around and streamline some of their processes to make sure it gets on the plane as quickly as it can. Unfortunately their agent in China won't be able to do anything until Monday morning business hours. Then I emailed my agent and told him to search for companies that are open during the weekend, and get it on a plane.

This is what I call shear raw determination. It has got me to where I am and I will need it to get JUZD to where I want to take it.

As for the delivery to Holt Renfrew, I did not want to delay it a single day or hour. There was heavy traffic on the way, I knew I couldn't make it on time but I got there just 10 minutes after my appointment and got my package to them. JUZD bamboo shirts will be showing up at Holt Refrew stores very soon.