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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Chinese got style...and culture!

My journey back to China my birthplace started March 25th. This is a mission to learn more of the Chinese culture and seek inspiration for the Spring Summer 2009 collection. My trip takes me Qingdao a beautiful coastal city on the eastern edge of China. Qingdao city has been a German colony in the 19th century.

What really surprised me was how beautiful the city is. The buildings are absolutely perfect! All buildings in the city are German inspired and is well planned. While each building is designed differently with a sense of organic growth, there is a feel of a higher order. As if each building was built with relation to each out and a higher concept. You can see clearly see the amount of attention the designers paid to the architectural design from the air. Just a glance from and you'll see the perfectly aligned and organized buildings. Colors are amazing and details magnificent. Scenic ocean mountains interlace the shoreline buildings and office towers. The view is perfect from any part of the city.

What also surprised me were that the Chinese got style. The trendsetting youths were well dressed and everything fits perfect and well pieced together. Maybe their style is a novelty and that's why it looks good but either way I'm impressed. The style is western influenced. You can see the results of China opening to the world.

My trip takes me to Taidong the shopping centre of this rich city. As you can see there is a long strip with walking distance as wide as a four lane road. No cars are allow which makes for a very pleasure shopping experience. The street is at least one mile long with most high end Chinese brands. The shops are clean and very western.

Within the modern and high end shops of Taidong there is a hidden entrance to a clothes and fabric center which seems to have been hidden from the modernization of the centre. As you enter you will see many vendors hanging as much goods as they can. Cloths and poorly made clothes cruelly scattered all around in their tiny space. And if you dare to venture your way up the narrow stairs several floors to the top, you will find the fabric area. Each merchant stack as much as they can in their tiny five square metre area. And apparently they can stack quite a bit. Merchants squeeze tightly beside each other with no sunlight, it may seem worse than a prison. But everyone is in a pleasant mode and is having a good time as with the city as a whole.

This is the secret area where I found some amazing traditional designed silk and satin fabrics with the most gorgeous Asian patterns. You can see black and grey patterns with a splash of colour, vibrantly colour art prints, and the more muted tone on tone traditional patterns. On the wall you will be able to see some of the beautifully and delicately designed traditional Chinese art fabric. Time and modernization cannot outdate good design. This is exactly what I was seeking on this journey.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

JUZD Bamboo Streetwear - an Asian Inspiration

In the spirit of the L'oreal Toronto fashion week Jing Liu our lead designer for JUZD Bamboo Streetwear was interviewed by Theresa Laurico of the new show Asian Inspiration. This fresh new show on Rogers TV airs this week 6:30 PM Thursday for people in Toronto. Times differ based on your region. The JUZD episode will air week of April 6th. The episode will feature two great Asian designers from Toronto, Andy the Anh and our very own Jing Liu.

While Theresa and the Rogers crew was impressed with the beautiful packaging, the talk of the night was the bamboo fabric. "..you have to feel this, this is so comfortable!" commented by our beautiful model Donna Milburnent.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dom Rebel - one of the hottest up and coming labels

I finally got a chance to meet the founders of one of labels I really admire. If you know anything about street culture in Canada you know Dom Rebel. These guys are the talk on the streets. Justin Svatina the Lead Designer for Dom Rebel of Montreal is a pure artist.

Dom Rebel's success is different from the other brands who seem to make it because they copy what's hot or have a celebrity friend put on the shirt. Dom Rebel's success is based on artistic talent. In talking with Justin he's in his own world not too concern about what's out there or what others are doing. That is the true epiphany of a great artist that sets the trends not follow it.

Justin said he draws skulls just because he likes it. His skulls are not mad or angry like others. It's just is. His skulls are poetic. It's not a copy of the typical angry skull that you find on many (too many) shirts.

One thing you will also notice with the Dom Rebel collection is that all the shirts are consistent. One of the reason I started JUZD was that it is common for a collection to consist of different styles different designs with no coherent theme. The philosophy of clothing labels seems to be make as many designs as cheaply as you can and hope the consumers will bite on a few. Dom Rebel even goes a step further.

Each season is a different theme and different concept says Justin. And the designs are different for each season. He does not reuse any designs so once the season's over you can't get that shirt anymore. This season is "Fire in the Disco", it is like the Devil's playground says Justin. You will notice that the colours of the shirts are bright and fruity, contrast with the rebellious and aggressive designs, creates a very unique feel to the shirts.

The reason that Dom Rebel is so hot and why they would stay hot is that it's truly about the art. Justin is a pure artist. In following Dom Rebel for over a year now and personally going through the same path as Justin I am very impressed at the amount of artistry in his designs especially being freshly introduced to silk screening only in 2003.

Dom Rebel ~ Justin Svatina (head designer Dom Rebel), Jing Liu (Co-designer JUZD) - Terence Chung (Co-designer JUZD), Don Nguyen (Sales Marketing Dom Rebel)Justin Svatina (Head designer Dom Rebel), Jing Liu (Co-designer JUZD) - Terence Chung (Co-designer JUZD), Don Nguyen (Sales Marketing Dom Rebel)

Some of the shirts take 5 to 8 hours of labor (of love) to make. Yes! That's on just one shirt. Even Don Nguyen, marketing and sales said he still sees it as doing something they love.

Each shirt is truly a piece of art. That's why this label is on fire with stores carrying it all over the world. Check out the Dom Rebel Collection.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be the first on the planet to rock a JUZD bamboo shirt

Bamboo Clothing - JUZD Original - Buy online at the JUZD streetwear shop

Everyone have been asking since the JUZD private party fashion show. "Where can we get one of 'em shirts?"

Wait no more! We finally got an early shipment in. We got a very limited supply of the infamous JUZD original, for men we only got 6 smalls, 8 mediums, 6 larges, and 3 xlarges. For women we got 4 xsmalls, 8 smalls,8 mediums, and 4 larges.

You can order yours online at the JUZD Streetwear bamboo clothing shop.

If you miss our first supply we'll get our full shipment of the JUZD original on April 13th 2008. Make sure you get yours and be the first to rock a JUZD bamboo shirt.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

More photos from the JUZD Private Party

More photos from the JUZD Private Party. 24 hand selected of the best from each of the 3 photographers, Krist Papas, Vivian Hui, and Daniel Merhar. Check it out in the new JUZD Fashion & Style Photo Gallery. Also take a glimpse of the beautiful and sexy crowd that showed up to the party. Below is a sneak peek of a few of photos. See gallery for full collection.