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Sunday, February 24, 2008

JUZD team at Magic / Pool / Project shows in Las Vegas

Christian Audigier at Project Las Vegas
From February 12th to the 15th the JUZD team was in Las Vegas checking out North America's premiere fashion trade shows, MAGIC, POOL, and PROJECT. Despite the predicting US recession the buyers were spending and spending lots. It was a good season for the brands we visited. Above photo (Jing Liu aka me! [lead designer of JUZD Bamboo Streetwear], Masahiko Nakane aka Polo [owner of Panty Japan], Christian Audigier, Yuichi Ishii [buyer for Panty Japan])

Christian Audigier Swimsuit line
Christian Audigier Swimsuit line
Once again Christian Audigier was the talk of the show.With the largest booth at Project, guest stars, naked (but artistically painted) girls, swimsuit models, and a performance by Snoop, Christian Audigier's booth was the spot to chill. Christian Audigier also premiere his latest label Crystal Rock, named after his daughter.
Snoop Dog performs at the Christian Audigier booth in Project Las Vegas

The colorful Creative Recreation showcased its new sneaker collection and style for Fall. While smaller labels such as Shmack Footwear were making head waves and extending their distribution for the fist time to Japan.

I was able to check out Raw 7. It maintained it's high end grudge style. It brought its unique style of art to sandals and underwear (which I got samples of woohoo). Another brand that caught my eye was Hard 8, an up and coming brand out of LA. It has simliar grunge style as Raw 7 and strong symbolic designs. What was also great was the overall fit and design of the shirts. It fits and feels really good and the designs was perfect for the shirt.

Pool was also a very interesting experience. It was one big chilling lounge. Lots of cool and funky brands. Alternative Apparel was a major sponsor, they were giving out free t-shirts, hats, and other cool stuff. But one of the most interesting brand is Cyberoptix Tie Lab. They print designs on ties and their creativity and craftmanship are amazing. Had a chance to talk to Bethany who is the principle designer and she's a really nice girl. It's not the usual silk suit ties I'm use to.

As for Magic, the big show, it wasn't all that interesting...to me anyways. Lots of huge brands. As for the streetwear section, it was like night clubs, with girls in skimpy outfits handing out flyers. But that's the streetwear culture. I prefer the class of Project.

Overall it was a very enlightening trip and I had a lot of fun. We are currently trying to get a booth at the Project show in August. Come check us out!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

JUZD Private Party was a success!

On February 6th 2008, JUZD hosted it's very first private party for Toronto's elite, tastemakers, trendsetters, buyers, and social media. The night featured the spinnings of DJ T-Wrecks, and amazing performances from the ABS Crew and Poizunus. In addition, the crowd was amongst the first to preview the JUZD Spring/Summer 08 and Fall/Winter 08/09 collections. It was an event to remember!

For more photos visit JUZD Streetwear online

Photographers: Krist Papas, Vivian Hui, and Daniel Merhar

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

JUZD Official launch on hold

There have been delays in the production of the samples for the Fall/Winter collection. The JUZD official party has been postpone.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Winner of The Be a JUZD VIP for a Night

JUZD is happy to announce Gloria Ck the winner of the be a JUZD VIP for a night sweepstakes!
The whole JUZD team would like to congratulate her on her win!