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Friday, December 28, 2007

Offering Clothing and Awareness

Dedicated to providing a sustainable future, clothing designers have begun producing lines that make use of organic materials such as bamboo, wood-pulp, and seaweed. Joining in on eco-friendly train is Linda Lundström, women's wear designer.

Slightly over a quarter of Lunström's Spring 2007 collection can be recognized as a 'Green Note' item, which is an item in her collection that makes use of either bamboo or eco-Yukon fleece. Lundström aspires to have at least 50% of her clothing line making use of organic materials by Spring 2008. This spring, the bamboo jersey will be introduced into Lundström's line as well as natural un-dyed laundered linen.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Lundström is also keen on following an old addage, "Waste not, want not." In other words, reduce the need to cut excess fabric, and reuse the leftovers to create new garments. Lundström's design team has come up with two pieces, which make use of the excess fabric - the Shabby Chic Scarf and the Labarka.

Aside from designing, Lundström recently served as Honorary Event Chair at An Evening of Sustainable style, which not only raised awareness concerning the negative impact of people's choice for fashion but also offered green choices. It is this involvement with the community that helps us understand Lundström's dedication towards minimizing our ecological footprints.

The in between of high and low fashion - Contemporary fashion

I was browsing through the Winter 2008 issue of FASHION when I came across a really interesting article on current trends of the fashion landscape and the movement of designer labels and Contemporary Fashion. Johanna Lenader puts it best when she describes contemporary labels as “brands that exist in the realm between H&M and Prada” (style and price) where an H&M shirt is $30 and a Prada shirt is $400.

Contemporary would be “the industry term for fashionable yet affordable new designer labels”. Which got me thinking… that is SO TRUE. Think the “Midway” designers like Arthur Mendonca, TIBI, Pink Tartan, Club Monaco, all which are fashionably chic and not overly expensive (by overly expensive I mean $15 000 for a evening cocktail dress) … which got me really thinking… and JUZD!

Although I wouldn’t say the JUZD collections are high fashion or couture inspired, we are definitely a combination of that which is inspired by high and low labels. The JUZD tee’s and hoodies are basics but made with bamboo fabric (high quality & eco-friendly).

With the designs being organically aggressive, the fabric unbelievably comfortable, the style and fit practical, JUZD is fashion forward and appeals to everyone. Could this be? JUZD has found a place in between the black and white fashion landscape as green and contemporary fashion.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Flow or mad? Opposites yet the same

We are close to finishing the Fall 08 09 collection. We are excited! If you like the Spring Summer 08 collection, you'll be amazed at the Fall 08 09. I'm not just saying this to hype it up, if I wasn't passionate about the collection I wouldn't of created it.

For the Fall 08 09 collection I wanted to go back to my roots. I was born and spent most of my early childhood in China. Bamboo itself is a very powerful cultural symbol there. This collection goes back to that, it is Asian inspired. A careful mashup of Asian symbols and art with contemporary grunge and style of streetwear and fashion.

JUZD Fall 08 09 Theme

JUZD is a state of mind. When you wear a JUZD shirt you become your alpha persona, you become unstoppable.

This state can take 2 opposite forms but it’s one state. Like Yin and Yang there is Flow and Mad.

Flow, is a state when you are calm and smooth. Able to have sharp focus and become one with everything around you. You are in control, you are like water. Everything is calm, peaceful, and at an equilibrium.

Mad on the contrary is not a peaceful state. It is a very aggressive and physical state. It is a mission critical moment where force must be used. Your body is pumped, and you use your adrenaline and aggression to your advantage. In this state nothing mentally and physically can stop you. This is a dangerous and unstable state. There is a constant battle in the minds between the demons and oneself. This is a state where you must destroy to create.

While these are opposite states they are one. They are the moments when you become unstoppable.

For each design there is a flow version and a mad version. You will amazed to see the opposite of each and realize it is the same.


The first public showing of the collection will take place during the Toronto L’oreal Fashion Week, Wednesday March 19th, 2007 at Maro. Make sure to join our email list to get a personal evite.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Countdown to March 19th 2008 - Confirmed, the JUZD official launch party

Hi everyone, it’s definitely been awhile since we’ve updated our blog! No we have not abandoned it, we have just been crazy busy working on finalizing details for our official launch party in March and the designs for our Fall 08/09 collection. So here is the inside scoop on recent JUZD happenings…

After visiting tons of different venues all over Toronto we finally found a space that we fell in love with and feel is absolutely PERFECT for the unveiling of JUZD and our Spring 08 and Fall 08/09 collections.

We are extremely excited to announce that JUZD’s official launch party will be held at MARO on Wednesday March 19th, 2007 during the Toronto L’oreal Fashion Week. In addition to that, while we were in talks with Uniqlifestyle (which are the owners of Brant House, West, Maro, and Cheval) to sign the contract for the venue space in March, they had expressed tons of excitement and love for our shirts that we are now in talks with them to outfit their bartenders specifically in our JUZD tee’s.

We can’t wait for you guys to see our amazing collections for yourself! March may seem like a long time from now, but it’s really just around the corner. Get ready for an evening of fun and fabulous fashions.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Taking Organic Designs to the Streets

by Danielle Wong of www.theGreenCity.ca- Toronto

Jing Liu designs clothes for the urban space, but his inspiration comes from nature.

Unlike Baby Phat or Sean Jean, this newcomer’s line of high-end street wear, JUZD (pronounced “joost”), is organic. The clothing brand, which is based in Toronto, uses organic bamboo as its primary material and also as inspiration.

The designer describes the theme of the brand as “primal energy.”

“We want to have a respect for nature and the individual,” Jing, who goes by his first name, said.

In contrast to the fashion industry at large, JUZD clothing tries to steer clear of materialistic, disposable designs. It’s anti-modern—it brings it back to nature, Jing said.

This philosophy is reflected even in the prints on JUZD T-shirts. As a conscious decision by Jing and his team, the designing technique is one without rigid patterns, but, instead, depicts random lines and unstructured curves. “It’s more organic… just like the way it is in nature,” Jing said.

JUZD, which was created in April, officially launches during the L’Oreal Fashion Week from March 17th to the 22nd of next year. The spring 2008 collection will be available online for purchase in March or April.

The brand is currently still in talks with boutiques, namely Over the Rainbow and Holt Renfrew about carrying their line of T-shirts. Other JUZD pieces are in the works for next year’s fall collection.

All brands, Jing said, go back to the vision of the brand’s creator. And the attitude found in JUZD echoes his, Jing said. “I have a lot of respect for nature.”

That might be an understatement for Jing -- especially when it comes to the bamboo plant. This designer is a bamboo fanatic. Jing, who was born in China and moved to Canada when he was 8, said his love of bamboo might be ingrained in his subconscious because of his Chinese roots.

But whatever the reason, once he gets talking about the plant, he lights up and can’t contain his excitement for it. “It’s the most amazing fabric out there,” Jing said. For one, it’s eco-friendly because bamboo can grow anywhere and even enriches the soil it’s planted in, Jing said. Plus, a bamboo stalk regenerates itself even if you cut it down, he added.

Also, the plant, Jing said, can grow a few metres in just 24 hours and into its full size after six months.

As a fabric, it is odour-free, anti-bacterial and UV-protective. Not only that, Jing said, It’s insulating. “So it keeps you cool in the summer and in the winter it keeps you two degrees warmer.”

When worn as clothing, bamboo fabric has a silky feel, like cashmere. It is comparable to rayon. “My prediction is that in two or three years, it [bamboo] will be the next big thing.” Jing said.

And to those looking to become designers themselves, Jing has words of wisdom: “(They should) look inside and discover themselves.” And that will show them what they are really passionate about, Jing said. “Once you discover that, you discover the answer to your life.”

To find out more about JUZD clothing and view the shirts themselves, visit http://www.juzdwear.com/ and look out for it during next year’s L’Oreal Fashion Week in March 17-22.

Reproduced from www.theGreenCity.ca Nov. 22 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

JUZD – The official website is finally here!

Everyone's been asking for it....

From the same designers of the JUZD collection comes the JUZD site!! Today Wednesday October 3rd, 2007 JUZD’s official website goes live. Be the first to see what the buzz around JUZD is all about.

Check it out: http://www.juzdwear.com/

Thursday, September 27, 2007

First ever JUZD product shoot - Spring 2008 urban streetwear collection

We are very excited to announce that JUZD recently had its first ever product shoot last Saturday September 22nd, 2007 showcasing our spring 2008 collection. The shoot went extremely well and everyone had lots of fun. We would like to shout out special thank you’s to our models Priscilla Madill and Adrian Graham for a job well done! Some of the pictures from the shoot are posted here… to see the rest of the pictures check out our Facebook group, JUZD.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a JUZD model but missed out on this opportunity, not to worry! We are always looking for fresh faces, you can upload your information and pictures at JUZD-urban streetwear model upload.